There’s a Mouse in the House.

Recently I mentioned my Zoom Monday Night Ladies Bible Study. Most of these women I have known for years. We are currently studying Isaiah. Isaiah 36 last night, precisely. Amid some heavy discussion about a few verses, I heard our fearless leader say something to the effect of, “Oh, it looks like Susan (this Susan) is researching it right now,” and someone else commented, “Susan loves doing the research.” I’m here to tell you that Susan did not even begin to know what verses we were discussing let alone was Susan researching anything. Unbeknownst to my fellow bible studiers, Susan was completely engrossed in the drama unfolding behind her involving Susan’s husband, Russell, their beloved orange kitty, Chloe, a paper plate, a National’s souvenir cup, and a mouse. I’m sure you can put it all together and figure out what was happening. I had already muted myself because of the commotion behind me and eventually, I had to stop my video feed because it was getting pretty crazy back there. Let’s leave it at my feet were up off the floor, the cat was running around like a mad(wo)man, and Russell kept egging Chloe on to, “find it.” The mouse was never captured nor seen again, and I didn’t sleep a wink as Chloe likes to present me with her kills as a love offering. So far, not in my bed. But the possibility is there and when I know there is a loose mouse in the house, sleep evades me.

By the way, Annette if you are reading this, the mouse is still loose in the basement where you and Rick will be staying when you arrive Sunday. You’re welcome.

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