UPDATED** I am fine. Really, I am! I promise I am. Nothing is wrong. God and I chatted this morning (you know what I mean…nothing verbal from Him) and I know that I need to set some things aside for a time. My blog was #1 on the hit list, apparently. Or at least I felt it was supposed to be.

I’m taking an indefinite blogging break.

6 thoughts on “Goodbye.

  1. Enjoy your time with Him. May it be filled with wonder and revelation! You’ll be missed here in the blogging world, though. Much love,~Cheryl

  2. Whew…see you when you return. I was walking the beach yesterday and God spoke to me and said…”of course they’ll be there for you if you take a break from blogging.”And, clearly I’m still blogging. I’m proud of you. I will take 24 hrs at a time maybe. Not so painful right?!Hugs,Fran

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