Simulcast Story 1.

Three women witness shooting on their way to Beth Moore Live Simulcast. Well, it seemed like it could happen in the moment.

We were running out of time to find food. Joanne has a cool GPS (gotta get me one of them!) and we, being three women after all, could not make a decision on where to eat…”no, you decide”; “really, I’ll eat whatever”; “oh, that place looked great…the one we just passed”; “pastries!”; and finally, “we’re running out of time!”.

We finally pulled in to a Jerry’s Subs and Pizza. As we ordered our food, we heard some raised voices in a corner behind us. Looking around, without looking like we were looking around, we watched two women (one actually worked at Jerry’s) arguing. The woman who did not work there pushed the woman who did. She was also very mouthy, whereas the Jerry’s woman was quietly speaking, clearly trying to soften the situation and possibly scoot out from the corner. This really seemed to fire up the non-Jerry’s woman. She became more and more belligerent and talked about the police coming, etc.

The three of us by this time were sitting at a table (why we didn’t just walk out, can only be explained by the smell of food blocking our good sense) and nervously keeping an eye on the situation (read: ready to hit the floor, if necessary).

Just as quickly as it began, it was over with the non-Jerry’s woman walking out of the store and the Jerry’s woman continuing to sweep as if nothing had occurred.

Little did we know…that was the first of the enemy’s distractions we would encounter over the weekend.

P.S. Are ya’ll like this…Travis sang a song I have since discovered is called “Revelation Song.”


I found it on iTunes, not sung by Travis (please oh please Travis…record this song!). I’ve played it at least 5000 five times since downloading it an hour ago. Here is Kari Jobe’s version on GodTube:

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  1. Sounds like a real adventure!I had The Revelation Song on that music player I used to have on my blog. Yeah, Kari Jobe rocks!

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