Here ya go, Jill…a few pics from last night…

Sorry there are none from today, but I was beat.

Cast of characters: Joanne, Susan, Jen, Cheryl, Jen’s friend Kara, Jen’s friend Amanda (but both of them could only come last night, and in fact Jen didn’t make it today either because she was sick), Mary, Susan and me. Yes, there were THREE Susan’s in our group!

Cedar Run did an awesome job! We were all very comfy and they had wonderful goodies and snacks for us and the bathroom was filled with yummy smelly stuff.

Travis and the Praise Team were…well…incredible. Beth…good grief I love that woman and I can’t believe I’m going to miss the Siesta Fiesta…she looked a bit thin and pale but she

Brought. It.

God had a Word for me and Beth just laid it out there. I’m tossing up some extra prayers for Beth…she needs to put some meat on them bones, but really…she was stunning, as always.

I hope to blog about the simulcast over the next few days…maybe all week! Some tidbits from the upcoming posts:

Three women on way to simulcast witness shooting (not really, but it looked like there was going to be a shooting!)

No ma’am, I did not steal that bible!

Bad Cop Starbucks Police

Yes Mr.-Hilton-front-desk-guy, there really is a dog barking and his owner is giving him obedience lessons. In the hallway outside our door. It is now 3:15am.

As you can tell…it was an interesting weekend!

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