To blog or not to blog…

That is the question….**UPDATED** (I’m enabling the comments…but that is NOT why I’m posting right now.I’m only doing it cuz I get yelled at by some of you…thank you for caring enuf to holler at me…love u 2)

I’m really struggling with the entire blogging thing. Who am I kidding…I’m struggling with life these days. But that isn’t such a bad thing.

In an odd way, I have not missed blogging. I still keep up with my regular bff’s in blogland. I am getting my computer fix with my facebook page.

In other ways, though…I miss blogging.

I really felt like I only had about 4 regulars commenting on my blog. Which is depressing. When you blog to write. And you write for other’s to read. And in blogging…comments mean people are reading.

So, while I’m struggling with all of this, I’ll share some pics.

Oh, and we are down one child. The One Who Has Gone to College. I guess since I’ve been crying on and off since April, I didn’t feel the need to cry on Thursday (two days ago) when we dropped him off. I admit I got a bit choked up when I saw the “Farmville 18 miles” sign. But after that…it was actually, dare I say…fun? And exciting. Definitely exciting.

The Man had blurry vision for quite awhile on the ride back. Not surprising. He’s a sensitive kind of guy and totally adores his kids. The Golden Child, especially had a special place being the first born and a son at that.

So here is a trip down memory lane for the month of June and then D-Day, August 21.

Senior Recognition Sunday

Prom with Amanda. She is going to take her core classes at our local community college and then has plans to attend Longwood.
The Three Goobers…ready to go to their Graduation Ceremony. Yes, they were required to wear ties. Shawn is wearing his Spongebob tie. On the way to the ceremony, they made a stop at the cemetery to visit their friend and classmate, Nick. Just when I wonder about them, they do something like that…all on their own. The Goobers…I love them.

Graduation Ceremony – that’s Pastor Wayne in the tie and bff Lori and her family around him.
Happy Siblings

The Proud Grandparents…my parents are in the middle

Graduation…(rope is Quill & Scroll Honor and medallion is a Journalism award)

He is soaking wet…no pictures could be taken outside…major storm.

Graduation Party (the girl with the glasses is Meghan…more on her in a bit)

Graduation Party

The Seniors…gonna miss them!

The Mother Load dumped in front of his Longwood Dorm
It was worse than we remembered.
I won’t even show you the pics I took of the bathroom!

Getting settled in. He’s taken more photos since they’ve finished unpacking, but his brand new laptop has crashed and the techies (onsite and Dell trained) are working it.

Time to leave. He’s ready.

Remember this sweet girl, Meghan? His senior Homecoming date. Her dorm room is right above his at Longwood. Hmmmmmm……

That’s it for now. Love you guys.

5 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog…

  1. Please keep posting! I would miss you so much. You are witty and sweet and real. Seriously…you are the first blog on my list…I am not just saying that, it is the honest truth. Blogdom would be missing a very big blessing if you were to hang it up. (No pressure though! :))I love you friend.

  2. I’ve found that there are a great number of people who just don’t feel the blog thing when the weather is nice enough to enjoy it (or at least go to the pool). I personally have not blogged in ages, but plan to start again when the school schedule kicks in and the pool closes. Don’t do it for us, do it for you … but don’t be discouraged by a lack of readers or comments. I think it’s that time of year. Besides, maybe you just need a little blog marketing! πŸ™‚Natalee

  3. There are an amazing number of people who read and don’t comment. I’m always having people tell me (of my other blog) that they read my blog but I barely get any comments.For the record, yours is one of my favorite blogs whenever I do get some time in bloggyland. I would be veeery sad if you stopped posting. πŸ™ *sniff*

  4. Please keep blogging. I just found youI have blogged for 6 weeks and I am toally overwhelmed with the number of comments (heartfelt ones) that I have received. Please stop by and see me.I am giving away my first EVER BLOG PRIZE. I have a gift basket business and it is the most requested gift over the last 15 years. I have been so touched by the comments that I have decided to give 2 boxe. They will be the $100 deluxe size. I really do want to bless people!!! I have decided that giving is life at its BEST. The drawing will be late afternoon on Saturday…wow that’s tomorrow!

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