Now that I’m officially on Blogcation, I’m posting more than ever.

Why is that? Maybe the “pressure” is off? Bwahhahaha. Pressure. I crack myself up.

I’ve been watching a lot of Olympics these days. Specially beach volleyball and swimming. I have some questions regarding beach volleyball.

How do they get their suits to 1) not ride up and 2) hold everything in?

Oh yeah, I’m talking the girls here. I haven’t watched any of the guys beach volleyball. I mean, once I heard they were all wearing shirts…what’s the point?

I have to say I love Michael Phelps. And it’s not because he’s a big Supah Staaaarrr. It’s because of The Story Behind The Story. Raised by a single mom. ADHD. Apparently told he’d never amount to much. WRONG. Love that. I love when our children prove us or “them” wrong. (“Them” being doctors, teachers and grandparents, etc.) Michael’s momma, I guarantee it, NEVER believed he wouldn’t amount to much. Which is why he did.

I love the women’s gymnastics. (The men’s gymnastics just plain scares me.) I have to say that I really do question the age of some of the Chinese girl gymnasts. But the Chinese had an interesting come back…maybe the European and American athletes are so freakishly strong from doping. Good come back. Not. If I understand the new testing rules (and I don’t profess to understand much of it at all) it is no longer “random” and everyone is tested. Repeatedly. Haven’t heard much about doping, have you?

That’s pretty much all I wanted to say. Peace out.

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