I really am still on blogcation.

But I had a few things to share. Nothing meaty going on here, trust me.

…if you do not already have this book…I highly recommend it. I have spent 10 days on the introduction alone. That may be due more to the fact that a lot of big words are used and I have to stop and think about what is being said or that there is so much good stuff going on…I have to meditate on it. Yes, I think we’ll go with door #2…

…I am currently obsessed with God’s Mercy Seat. I know Miss Beth has spoken on it…I just can’t seem to locate my A Woman’s Heart…God’s Dwelling Place book and corresponding journal amongst the college dorm stuff. If you have any good resources/suggestions (on God’s Mercy Seat, not on how better to organize, locate my stuff) I would appreciate it.

…of course I’m currently obsessed with this, too…but that’s a totally different issue…

…it is actually a pretty quiet week here. Shawn is working every day and Anna is away. Sarah has two-a-day practices every day and Trey is away. Brett is…well, he’s just Brett. He has football practice for two hours every evening but the rest of the time he is Bregging…pronounced like “vegging”…

…the church (my place of employment) is being painted this week so my office is packed up. This will be day two of not being able to get in…I wish I could say more was getting done at home, but not so much…

…nine days until my boy goes off to college. Other than when I was taking pics of his room the other day and burst into tears and had to run up the stairs…I think I’m handling it pretty well…

…and I had to go back in here and add this…I don’t really hate summer. I LOVE SUMMER. I hate having to work outside of my home during Summer…

5 thoughts on “I really am still on blogcation.

  1. My family laughed at me when the first one went off to college because after he left, I couldn’t even walk in his room without tearing up-which was not good as the youngest wanted to move from the room she shared with her sister into his. Now, he’s graduated from college…and the third one is applying to go next year!Just let it all out.


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