It’s been five years since we’ve been to middle school but

The surliness of the front office and guidance office people haven’t changed a bit.

What is it about middle school? It really seems to bring out the worst in people. Including me.

Brett and I arrived about 15 minutes before the scheduled opening of Open House. We wandered around a bit, not going into the area where they were still setting up, just looking around. Some woman from the guidance office came barreling over hollering at us that they aren’t ready for us because it’s still 15 minutes before the scheduled time to begin and we need to get back over into the lobby area (you know, one foot away from where we were standing). The other parents grabbed their children and ran. I have to admit, I stood my ground. I’m stubborn like that.

Seriously, it wasn’t so much what she said as how she said it. And I have to admit, it immediately got my back up and I responded in kind…it wasn’t what I said, it was how I said it (yes, I am ashamed I let some unhappy old grouch bring me down to her level).

For the next hour, I had a number of opportunities to see her interact with other people. Same attitude; same tone. None of the women working the front office or the guidance office were smiling or seemed happy.

Ahhhh…just as I remembered it from the Shawn and Sarah era. Both of our kids had miserable experiences at this school. I had hoped that with a change in principal (p-r-i-n-c-i-p-a-l…the princiPAL is our pal) that things might be different. Shawn calls his two years there as, and I quote, the most miserable two years of my life, end quote. He does NOT want to teach middle school and will tell you it is because of his own 7-8th grade experience.

Having said that, we did run into some nice and helpful people. All four of whom told us it was their first year teaching there. Wonder how long it will be before they succumb to the unhappy disease?

I know that not all middle schools are like this, but why can’t we attend one of them???

Okay, ‘nuf griping.

Repeat after me…Brett is going to have a great seventh grade year! I told him that like, 20 times over lunch after open house. Sigh. I need to step up my prayer on it.


6 thoughts on “It’s been five years since we’ve been to middle school but

  1. Ok…I’ve got me a new 6th grader this year and we pray hard and heavy each day that MS is our friend!! And, math too. 🙂I understand what you’re sayin…and, I’m hittin the floor with ya.Love,Fran


  2. Are you sure you don’t live in the same town I do??? Seriously, we ended up pulling all three of our kids out of the middle school and sending them to private school for those years. They came back to the public school in high school. To this day, I do NOT regret making the school change, even though we’re still paying for it (hey, it’s only money). Hope your time in the middle school goes well. If not, consider a private Christian school.~Cheryl


  3. We put our youngest in a small private school for middle school because middle school for the other three was such a struggle. The oldest came home everyday with a headache, the 2nd one was bullied and the 3rd one was in a special program so was spared some of the yuck. Having a small group, teachers who are able to pay attention and a Christian environment has helped our daughter a lot with these difficult years. I’ll say prayers for your son and his ma.


  4. Brett is going to have a GREAT year in 7th grade. Rebekkah had a fabulous day yesterday, came out of the school bouncing and happy talking about the boy she met that is in all of her core classes.Brett is going to have a GREAT year. If you need me to tell you again, I will. :0)I’ll be praying


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