Volleyball vs. Football

There are many reasons I prefer volleyball over football as a spectator sport.

Volleyball is inside…

Football is not…

Volleyball players are sweet and happy and giggly.

Football players just want to hurt someone (direct quote from my football player).

Volleyball players like to chat and compare hair styles.

Football players just want to hurt someone.

Volleyball is clean…

Football…not so much.

You can watch volleyball in ANY weather and be warm and comfy and snug and dry…


After the game, volleyball clothes are just a little stinky, but in a girly, sweet stinky way.

After the football game, the players must be hosed down before they are allowed to come into the house.


I’ll spare you those pictures.

5 thoughts on “Volleyball vs. Football

  1. Ok…as I listened to my husband coach football this weekend…I heard him say to one of my kids…“Tyler….get in there and blow him up!”Thats nice isn’t it?

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