Yay! I have the house all to myself…

It’s cold and rainy and yucky out. The boys have gone to a high school football game. The Beast and The Older Boyfriend have gone to dinner and a movie. And me…I’m giddy with happiness…

The House Is All Mine.

I’ve had Travis cranking on my iPod. I felt the need for a bit of Praise and no one brings the praise like Travis if y’all know what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

Earlier, I was sitting at the dining room table, bible opened to my fave Book, listening to Travis Bring It. Trey (The Older Boyfriend) came in, saw me and hesitated until I waved him over. He saw my bible and asked me which Psalm was my favorite.

As if I only had one favorite Psalm!

I immediately went to Psalm 145. Trey said, “yeah…some guy sings a song based on that Psalm”.

Yeah, I know. And he takes up 35% of my iPod!

This week has been wicked crazy. We’ve watched three nights of this:

That’s my girl, #5, going for the kill. Some of it was pretty darn ugly, but we won all three matches.

There were several days of this:

And then on Wednesday night, I came home to a phone message from my doctor’s office telling me that my doc wanted me to call and make an appointment with her to discuss my recent lab test results (from Sept 8) and to discuss a “plan of care”.

Cryptic words, indeed.

Thursday morning I called and made an appointment for this morning. I was actually okay with it until I was sitting in the exam room, trying not to hyperventilate. I’ve had a lot of physical “stuff” going on and ya know how your mind spirals out of control….

She started out with all the positive things from my results…thus immediately ruling out all of my “go to” cause-for-alarm results…cholesterol, blood sugar and thyroid (oh, I was SO hoping for that one…finally…an excuse for this weight I’ve packed on!). And then she dropped the hammer on the reason for the follow up visit…

Vitamin D deficiency.

ummm…excuse me?

Yes, that’s right. Vitamin D deficiency. Caused by lack of sun.

Seriously? You got me all worked up over this????

I decided to laugh about it and praise Jesus for once again putting aces in my faith stockpile.

Lori immediately said, “clearly, this medical condition calls for you to immediately quit your job and spend more time in the sun with your friends”.

The woman in the waiting room at Sarah’s doctor’s appointment (broken finger? nope…just some bone rattling around in there…but that’s a whole other story) said that I should take a week at the beach and charge it to my insurance company since it is clearly my “plan of care”.

So…because things have been going great, if not a bit crazy, I knew I had to do me some praisin’. It was either that or worry about the other shoe dropping.

But I’m not that girl anymore.

I’m This Girl.

Love you guys.


7 thoughts on “Yay! I have the house all to myself…

  1. You scared me, too! 🙂 But I love how that story ended. 😉 And I love the pics. You do have amazing kids, you know that? Glad you got some time to enjoy having the house to yourself!


  2. Yes, I enjoyed the rainy days, too. Kindof forced r&r as I have a policy of no housework on a rainy day. Of course, they don't do much for your vitamin D deficiency! Glad it wasn't “serious”.


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