That is my favorite word.

I’ll eat better tomorrow.

I’ll walk for sure tomorrow.

I’ll apologize to him tomorrow.

I’ll write that note to her tomorrow.

I’ll get the office organized tomorrow.

Recently, God has been impressing on me to do things today.

So today I took the day off from work. My house was a pit, so I gave it a good cleaning. The laundry was piled up to the base of the laundry shoot and I washed about 8 loads. I needed to cook a meal for my family and I made crock pot mac n cheese and baked pork chops.

Before all of this, however, I spent some much needed time with my God.

Oh, and The Beast and her team crushed the #1 they’re-all-that team 3 games to 0.

Today was a good day.

5 thoughts on “Tomorrow.

  1. Ohhh I totally do the same thing! (At the rate I’m going I’ll never be ready for these babies! ;))Sorry I’ve been MIA from blogworld over the past month; most recently we were out of town for a week and a half with no Internet access. Which was rough, but probably good for me to actually unplug for a chance. I missed you ladies though!

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