Not one to rush into things…

I have put off going to see the doc regarding my shoulder issue for just a bit. Like…since…June. At least it was June 2008.

So I saw the orthopaedic surgeon today. I really liked him. I think he’s going to be my new bff.

He is younger than I am and that was okay, probably even better than being older than me.

He didn’t ridicule me or lecture me about waiting so long. He listened intently. Took copious notes. And made all the right noises. I felt comfy with him and with his entire office. Except for one girl. She irked me. But it was just a minor irk and I was able to get past it. Until just now when I got irked all over again.

So, basically the deal is that back in April, May, June while coaching Brett’s volleyball team, I did a lot of setting, hitting, serving, throwing, tossing of volleyballs. And my shoulders bothered me a lot. I ignored it because I’m out of shape and I don’t really like going to see the doc.

But it has been impacting my sleep. Since June. And even my mother commented on how old and tired I looked. Okay, she really used the word “exhausted”, but you know and I know she meant “old and tired”.

Bottom line…I have “frozen shoulder”. Both shoulders. Which is why I don’t sleep. I can’t get comfy. The x-ray technician (she was a sweet older-than-me lady), Check Spellingclucked (that was for you, T.) and made tsking noises when she read my file and realized I couldn’t possibly have been sleeping. Since June! (cluck) (tsk)

So, I start PT tomorrow for six weeks. I can’t wait. Seriously. I cannot wait! I’m going to feel better! I’m going to sleep! He gave me good drugs to help me do both!

Did I mention my mother is coming tomorrow.

The good drugs were just in time.

5 thoughts on “Not one to rush into things…

  1. I’m sorry about your frozen shoulders. 😦 I’d never heard of that! But so glad you finally went to the doc, and that you had a GOOD doc!! Praying you get better quickly!


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