I guess I totally forgot I had a blog!

I wish I could say it was the pain meds.

I think it is just the pain.

But mobility progress is being made. Yay! The pain is (almost…but not quite) worth it.

Enuf complaining. I have found that I have a lot…okay, TONS and TONS, to be thankful for and I am focusing on every single one of those blessings. Don’t think I haven’t figured out that:

1) God warned me to get back into working out and taking care of myself.
2) God does indeed allow a punishment or two or twelve.
3) God takes that punishment and uses it for His Glory and for my own good.
4) God is good. All the time. And He loves me…and loves you…like there’s no tomorrow.
5) It’s time for me to start reciprocating that love.

How about you?

Tomorrow I am going to pick up my boy from Longwood and bring him home for a four day weekend. I am so stinking excited to see him! I must be…I told him to bring ALL his laundry home, including his bedding, and I would wash it for him. Now that’s a mother’s love, isn’t it? I’ve been bugging him for weeks about giving me some thoughts on food he wants while he is here. It finally dawned on me that…he just wants whatever I want to cook because it will be a home-cooked meal and he will eat with his family.

I am so psyched to have him all alone to myself for three hours on the way home. He could have waited another two hours at school and caught a ride home with some friend’s…but I told him I would come get him. I wanted that time with him. Even if we ride home in silence (we won’t).

This weekend is Homecoming. Next year will be the first year we haven’t had a kid in High School for five years. We’ll have a one year break and then back at it with Brett. He seems to have settled right into middle school. He is, however, going through a surly stage. I remember Shawn doing the same around this time. It stinks to be a middle school boy, I’m guessing. It surely stunk to be a middle school girl!

I’m sure I’ll be posting pics from this weekend. Sarah is taking Trey, lol. We also received her Senior portraits in the mail yesterday. It’s really happening…my baby girl is going to graduate from high school in June (praise God)! Sad but, considering it was a difficult first few years of high school, it is also a praise and I am totally lifting the glory up to God about it. Daily. And to anyone who will listen.

This weekend will be busy. Friday night is the Homecoming football game and we are all going. Saturday Brett has a football game. (He is also in the middle of travel basketball tryouts this week and next.) Russell, Brett, Shawn & I are going to our favorite restaurant for dinner while Sarah is at Amy’s house getting ready for Homecoming. Then we’ll swing by and take pics. I’m going to bake some goodies and throw together fruit, cheese, crackers, Italian soda and the goodies on a tray and take it over for them to nosh on while they get ready. Sunday we are all, as a family plus an extra kid or two, going to Grave’s Mountain to pick apples and eat lunch. We do this every year and I was thankful we could squeeze it in another year with all of us together. Sunday evening Russell and I have another installment of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. I am loving Dave Ramsey! Monday morning the hubs and all the kids are getting up early and heading out to paintball with the church youth. Can you say, “I have the house all to myself from 7:30-3:30???” Monday night The Beast and her team play our only district competition of the season. Shawn is pumped to be there to cheer her on. He has really missed doing that this year…he and The Ace Boys made very one of her games last year to cheer the girls on. Tuesday morning, Shawn catches a ride back to Longwood. A busy, but typical weekend for us. I’m longing for it/dreading it…it will go by so quickly!

So…hold onto your babies, people. I know it is a cliche…but they grow up so very quickly.

Love you guys. Praying for each and every one of you.


3 thoughts on “I guess I totally forgot I had a blog!

  1. I have to laugh at the laundry thing. My son teased me that I was never so interested in making sure his laundry was done when he lived at home as I was when he was away at school! It’s a way we moms say “I love you, down to your dirty undies”.Sounds like a wonderful precious weekend.


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