Just another reason I love our neighborhood.

We had a new fridge delivered Friday. Thanks to a little roll-over interest my mom and dad incurred, my sis and I were the recipients of a tidy sum of hard cold cash. My spouse and I determined to spend ours immediately. I know my sister put hers away for a rainy day and or the end times.

Shortly after the old fridge was moved to the carport (to be picked up by the football commissioner and placed in the concession stand that was under 10 feet of water) and the new fridge was hooked up in place and the delivery truck pulled away…the neighbors began arriving.

It was exactly like when our neighbors brought home their new baby from China but without the diapers and crying. Or the gifts.

It wasn’t just the women who showed up to ooohhh and awwwww either. And it wasn’t me showing off the new arrival like a proud parent…nope, it was the proud papa showing off his new toy.

Clearly our neighborhood doesn’t have enough excitement.

I’ll regret saying that, won’t I?

5 thoughts on “Just another reason I love our neighborhood.

  1. How much new excitement have you had now?? Usually when I say something like that, something crazy happens!!Enjoy the fridge! And, where is the picture bc we all love a new fridge?! 🙂

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