Tag, I’m It.

T tagged me days ago and I just haven’t gotten around to it until this morning. My bad.

8 TV Shows I Watch:

1) The Office
2) House
4) Animal Planet (you name it…I watch it)
5) Lost (I’m forced to…if I don’t…I can’t join in any conversations with my family because of my Lost Ignorance)
6) Americas Funniest Home Videos
7) Law and Order SVU (I’ve just started watching this and I really like it)
8) As Time Goes By (syndication but I. Love. It.)

8 Favorite Restaurants:

1) Mike’s American Grill
2) Pane e Vino
3) PF Chang’s (Went there for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Oh. My.)
4) Austin Grill
5) Cracker Barrel

8 Things that Happened to Me Yesterday:

1) Slept in.
2) Had to make my own coffee AND start the coffee pot…on Christmas Day! Tradition dictates that the children go all out and push the ON button to start my coffee brewing BEFORE I come down in the morning. Ruined the entire day. (jk)
3) Received 10 weeks of Weight Watchers meeting coupons from my husband for Christmas. What a guy.
4) Loved receiving 10 weeks of WW meeting coupons from my husband.
5) Received a new pair of Victoria Secret jammies for Christmas. Annual tradition.
6) Ate a whole lot of cinnamon buns.
7) Went to the movies with The Bryan’s and saw Bedtime Stories. Eh.
8) Officially declared that I am done with Christmas Music for the year.

8 Things I Look Forward To:

1) The New Year.
2) Getting my home cleaned out and organized.
3) Simplifying.
4) Starting Weight Watchers in January with Lori.
5) One word: Esther.
6) A week at the Outer Banks. In a huge house. With a pool. And hot tub. With my family. And the Secrist’s.
7) Working out again…daily and getting back into shape.
8) June…Sarah’s graduation.

8 Things I HOPE For:

1) A healthy and blessing filled 2009 for my family and friends.
2) The growth of our church family.
3) The Christmas Miracle that I have been praying for.
4) That my mom gets a clue.
5) That Jill moves back to Virginia. With or without David, lol. (jk about the David part)
6) That I remember to allow God to use me as His instrument.
7) That Blogger starts working correctly…I can’t make ANY changes to the font or colors in this post. Grrrrrr.

8 People I Tag: You know who you are! Now just do the thing.

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