ClarkRussell put up the Christmas decorations.

I always tease him about it because, in my own secret fantasy world, our house is decorated with elegant, mature clear bulb lights. Not the honking C9’s my spousal unit loves. But, because I love him, I okay the C9’s every year. To his credit, he always asks me if I’m ready for him to toss them in the trash and to buy all clear bulbs. Last year, we did not decorate the house, nor have a tree, because we spent 1000 10 days at Disney. There was rioting on our street. The children came knocking on the door. “Christmas isn’t coming this year because Mr. Griswold Smith didn’t put up his lights of many colors.”

I’ll give you a teaser photo of the inside, but I’m holding the rest back because the house is a wreck I’m participating in Boo Mama’s Christmas Tour of Homes 2008 (mental note: put html button in side bar announcing it).

Okay, off and running. Don’t forget to participate in my poll. No prizes given, but curiosity will be satisfied.

Love you guys.

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