The snowball effect your women’s ministry leader slash friend can have on you.

I saw her looking at me from across the Sanctuary. Then she pointed her finger. I looked left. I looked right. And realized she was pointing at me.

What did I do now?

She waited (not so patiently, I might add) for the person I was speaking with to stop speaking and then she shouldered her way in. Did I mention she is Australian and has the best accent? Ever? Especially when she reads. I love when she reads aloud. When I comment on her reading-aloud-increased-accent (which I frequently do) she always says, “I learned to read in Australian.”

Which always makes me laugh out loud.

So, she was giving me the eye. Looking me over. She let me off the hook with a couple of women’s ministry items relating to the calendar and left it at that. Sneaky Aussie-woman.

I forgot all about it.

This was right after Worship yesterday morning.

Last night I was sitting in the church pew, minding my own beeswax, and she slid in next to me (pinning me against the pew) and got right in my face.

“What is going on with you? Are you alright? You are having a lot of headaches and stomach issues.”

She doesn’t pull any punches.

I coulda lied to her. And for about a nano-second I thought I would, but she is very perceptive this Aussie-woman, and she penetrates to my very soul. She would know I was lying in a heartbeat.

So (gulp) I told her, “YES! I’m stressed. Alright?????”

Okay, truthfully, all of that did happen. Sort of. Maybe not as intensely (although she does have the coolest accent ever and it does really deepen when she’s reading aloud. Mental note: always make Joanne read the scripture aloud during bible study next year.) I made her sound like some sword-wielding Amazon woman out of Braveheart (you heard me…Amazon woman in Braveheart Scotland. Deal with it.)

She’s none of those things. But she is a friend. And she is head of our Women’s Ministry…until she heads East or is it West to Japan next summer. And I will really miss her.

She so correctly pegged me. I hadn’t even realized it yet. Although I did tell her I was hoping it was a stomach virus that brought me down last weekend cuz that would have stymied any Stress Thoughts.

While at the office today (which is also my church), I wandered into the Sanctuary and had a little talk with God. He’s a wonderful listener. He lets me go on and on and on. He rarely interrupts me. Today was no exception. He encouraged me the moment my knees hit the carpet to unload all of it.

And I did.

And it was good.

Why is that we cry when nothings even wrong? (Thank you, Kirk Franklin.) I always seem to cry when I’m unloading my burdens onto Him. And I always feel so much better. The burdens are still there with me. But now they are not on me.

They are on Him.

Take a moment and unload on Him.

Love you guys.

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  1. When I go to work tomorrow, which also happens to be my church too, I’ll hit the carpet right there in His house. Thanks Susan.Wanna come over next week for lunch? Dern…I didn’t think so.Just had to throw dern in.

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