Christmas is in the Air

Brought to you by this guy, Tuxedo. Also hereinafter referred to by any/all of the following: Tux, Puss, Puss-Kitty, Puss-n-boots, Kitty-Kitty, Bootsy, Puss-Puss, Tuxarama, Stupid Cat, Alpha Animal. No, really, he LOVES having his kitty antlers with bells on his head. NOT. Which explains why this is the most in-focus pic I could get.

If you’ve still decided to hang in there and see some actual pics of my Christmas Decorations, come on in…

Our living room. Looks kinda bare over there with everything moved out and the tree up. And I don’t have my shears hanging…they never made it back up after the Big Paint Job of ’06. And I’m not liking the blue in there anymore. Might just put the shears up, take the blue valance down and go with that for awhile.

It’s not Christmas at our home until these babies arrive:

While I like all the ornaments we put up (yes, that is dental floss holding RW&B Mickey on…we bought the Mickey ornaments while we were at Disney last year and the only thing I could come up with to hang them on the tree was dental floss and we leave it on to remind us of an amazing Christmas at Disney last year)…

We had 20 of these, from different years until the tree took a dive (twice) one year and we lost about 7 of them. They were all Russell’s that my mom and I had gotten him over the years. He’s still not over the loss and sheds a few tears for the lost Snoopy’s and Peanut’s Gang lost that year.

But these are the ones that I live for…

My Mamie’s chair that I sit in to work on my bible study/quiet time each morning.

Our foyer looking in from the front door. The garland on the stair rail is a new idea this year and after seeing all of the amazing garland at The Nester’s place, I hope to expand upon it next year.

This is a close-up of my Little Bit of Troutville. If you are Jen, Jill or Vee…you know I am talking about our sweet friend, Lori…

That’s it for this year.

Merry Christmas.

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  1. Love your decorations!We just put the lights and ornaments on the tree today (the tree that TJ spent 4 hours driving all over town in the rain to find …) and I noticed one of ours has dental floss on it, too. Guess we ran out of paper clips … 😉

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