Seriously…who has a husband like this?

Because I’m prone to complai, er, I mean, comment on my husband a lot, I have to toss up some praise for this guy. He is totally rocking my world lately. Here are a couple of examples:

::He knew right away that the best response to The Car Accident that involved our daughter was to get on his knees and thank Jesus that no one was hurt. We’ll worry about the actual $$ cost as it comes up. Sometimes men, dad’s especially, are more likely to holler and pace and throw their arms up in the air a lot when their child wrecks the car. My guy saw the situation for what it really was…the Hand of God in Control.

::We decided earlier this year that we were scaling WAY back for Christmas this year. I mean really…all the nieces and nephews and our two siblings and their spouses get plenty of crap throughout the year. That includes our own three angels. So, no gifts for the nieces, nephews, siblings or spouses for Christmas. We’ll continue with the money exchange at birthdays. He was totally okay with this and embraced it. And when he saw that I had a teeny tiny box for my sister to mail and a teeny tiny gift for his sister (cuz we’re girls and let’s be real y’all…ITS ALL ABOUT THE GIFTS), he was totally cool.

::Having said all of that about the gift exchanging, or lack thereof, we also decided not to exchange gifts with each other. This is a difficult one for me. My #1 love language BY FAR is Gifts. Giving and receiving…I love gifts. Period. So, my guy knowing this, knows that I had to buy him some gifts “for his stocking”. Did I mention that his stocking is big enough to hold our German shepherd? I’ll be posting pics on Monday and you’ll see it’s true. Shhhh…don’t tell him but I got him two sets of John Wayne DVD’s and a 38-Special live DVD. My guy is all-American…The Duke and Rock n’ Roll. Plus some goodies that always show up…toiletries and such and a dress shirt or two. ALL IN HIS STOCKING.

::Because we are not exchanging gifts with each other this year, ahem, he has made me….MADE ME…make the following purchases: New fireplace guts and an upgrade to actually bring our gas fireplace up to Code! Woo-hoo. And this one has a remote. Yes, I can sit on my behind watching tv and not even get up to turn the fireplace on. He also made me purchase a new fan and light kit for the kitchen and an additional light for the kitchen. He’s pushing me to buy paint for the kitchen and is determined to paint it for me.

::He brought me home these flowers.

::And he is out right now picking up a little something-something that I’ll be posting about later cuz it’s a surprise for people who might read about it here. But, it is just another example of the amazing guy I married. The poor man puts up with a lot of crapola from me. And I mean a lot.

I’m pretty thankful for him lately.

Love you all~

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