There’s a bunch of stuff to blog about.

But I’ll keep it brief today.

I’m getting back into the regular groove of hitting the gym. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a gym rat *A person who spends an unusually large amount of time at a gym* (Wiktionary…, but I think I could get pretty hooked on working out. Again. In fact, I’m finally beginning to feel that exhilaration…that runner’s high…that one hears about. *Disclaimer: I do NOT run. Except to the fridge.*

But, I was getting a tad tired of my workout play list. So today, I updated it; changed it. These days, I’m looking for change. I know, I know. I, too, remember my recent string of change-related-posts. Lately, though, I’ve gone searching for change. I got my hair chopped, lightened up a little and had skunk stripes added. Not intentionally on the skunk stripes, but that is what I think when I look in the mirror.

With new hair, I am embracing some change right now. Let’s flirt with all of the cliches, shall we? Stuck in a rut; same old, same old; same thing, different day…all how I’ve been feeling these days. So, I set some stuff aside, rebooted my brain, aka snapped out of it, and switched gears today. Deciding in my head to make some changes is the first step in making those changes happen. Got a lot done at home and at the church office.

Speaking of church! This weekend we will meet and greet our Senior Pastor Candidate. Can’t wait! Sunday he will preach during our Worship service, we will vote (yes!) and a new era will begin at SRBC. See? Change. It’s good. Embrace it.

My new play list, in case you are interested. Pretty eclectic, wouldn’t you say?

Love you guys.

5 thoughts on “There’s a bunch of stuff to blog about.

  1. I don't have a dog in your fight, but I would be very suspicious of the morals of a pastor who won't reveal to his current congregation that he plans to leave (is even thinking of leaving) until 2 weeks before he goes. If he will do it to them, he can do it to you.

  2. Actually, he is giving his present church at least a month's notice…that is assuming he is voted in as our Senior Pastor. Not sure where you got the two weeks from…

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