A Valentine’s Day List.

1. Growing up, I hated the colors red and pink. While not a huge fan of pink, I have fallen head over heels in love with red the last few years. Especially in the form of garnets and rubies…

2. Had Valentine’s Day breakfast with The Girlz. We do see each other during the week in addition to our Thursday morning bible study time. *please insert air quotes when reading bible study in the previous sentence* I am positive we had every intention of at least doing a devotional during our Thursday morning time together but so far…not so much. We do, however, laugh, eat, cry, share, bond, solve world problems, etc. Just like women are supposed to do when they get together.

3. My Man and I don’t do much on Valentine’s Day. I gripe about how it is a made up Hallmark thing. But, of course, I do expect some token (aka gift) to mark the occasion. My birthday is two weeks before Valentine’s Day and I almost always have flowers left from my birthday on Valentine’s Day. As I do this year. But in case anyone is looking for VD gift ideas for me…see #1 above.

4. February 14 was actually The Wild Boy’s due date. Like my other two, he couldn’t wait til his due date and arrived early. Which I’ve always been thankful for. I am, and this will shock you, a very impatient person. No. Really. It’s true. I am. So if I had had to actually wait on my children to be born…well, it would have been a rocky start to our relationship. Thankfully, God knew this about me and they all were born before due dates.

5. This morning I whipped up a lovely vanilla pudding…from scratch. It will soon be layered into a banana pudding cream pie. The Big (Graduate) Boy has homemade sauce going on the stove; focaccia rising and cooked up sweet Italian sausage. The sauce and sausage will be going into the lasagna I’m putting together for dinner. Food: it’s my husband’s love language. Our entire family’s love language, actually. My Girl has to work tonight, but we will save her a plate and a slice.

6.  I can’t not talk about the gym today. Today was a break through day. For the first time since I’ve started working out again, I could tell a difference. I cranked up the treadmill and the elevation and the distance. And it felt good. I added an extra set to my upper body workout. And it felt good. Not as good now…as the soreness is setting in a bit, but even that…good. I think today was a gym break through day for my gym rat budette, Mrs. Hagy, also.

7. Today my mom met with her oncologist for her three month check up and, according to my sister’s text message, everything looks perfect. It’s always there, in the back of my brain, the worry; the what next. Thankful for good news again today.

8. Thank you for the input to my requesta-post-idea blog post. Here is what y’all gave me: 

the challenge of Philippians 4:6 in light of Feb 20 (The Wild Boy’s surgery date)  
what verses would I pick and what music for my memorial service 
my favorite scripture verse(s) and why/what they say to me 
gossip. making assumptions. pride vs humility. letting go of controlling behaviors. humor. (these were all from the same person…diane doesn’t ask for the easy stuff, does she?)

Love you guys.

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