I am a huge Downton Abbey fan. I have watched each season, including Season 3, which just ended last night, multiple times. And yes, Lori, it was legal for me to do so.

Let’s face it, we like to be entertained; we like to escape into another life, another time. Turn off the real-life/our-life switch for a time. I do this daily regularly with my Leroy Jethro Gibbs addiction.

But I was saddened to see my Twitter and Facebook pages blown up with Downton Abbey Tweets and Posts and not a single comment regarding the apparent suicide of 37 year old country singer, Mindy McCready. Granted, everyone I know and follow was completely absorbed with the Downton finale, but so was I and I took a moment to read all of the breaking news Tweets and emails about her death. I’m not judging for a nano-second. Just saddened that the death of fictional Matthew Crawley (whom I also adored) is bigger news than the suicide of a 37 year old young women with two small children.

Okay, maybe I am judging for longer than a nano-second. But, I’m judging myself. The contrast of it all made me realize that my perspective needed to be adjusted. What do I count as important? What do I need to let go of? In this season of Lent, especially, I am trying to be more aware of the idols and addictions in my life that take my focus and heart away from the things and people that really matter to me.

So this morning, while the rest of the house is sleeping, I’m taking some time to inventory my heart. I think that Gibbs is going to have to be put aside and saved for first-run only. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to do that with Downton, but it’s all about the baby steps. Right?

Love you guys.

One thought on “Perspective.

  1. You know I am a Gibbs fan, we watch it so much, Curt as a joke sometimes calls me “boss” 🙂 I have yet to watch Downtown Abbey, keep hearing about it. Great point about keeping the right perspective….read that also about McCready…so sad.


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