Right Now.

It’s funny; I’ve savored the last few days, since Brett’s surgery. It’s not that he has totally depended upon me. He hasn’t. We are still in that I’m not a momma’s boy anymore and you can’t make me be one and I’ll prove it by being a snarly and grumpy 17 year old boy to you only stage. Shawn’s brush with that stage lasted exactly 2 weeks. During that time he chest-butted me and also put his fist through a wall. But I’ll save those stories for another time.

The Wild Boy has been snarly and grumpy these last few days, with an edge of needy. And I smile as I type this: I have loved the needy. Honestly…how many more opportunities will I have to wait on him hand-and-foot; to anticipate his every need; to sit and watch him sleep in the living room? I would imagine, not very many. And, knowing that life is short and, for us humans, unpredictable, I’m living in the moment and enjoying this time with a smile and a nod and a soft reply. I sneak in smooches planted on top of his head or upon his forehead “checking for fever.” I irritate him with constant, “what do you need? do you feel okay?” questions and I laugh at his deep-voiced grunt in reply. He’s not being disrespectful; he’s just flexing his muscles. Because, you see, he really still is a momma’s boy; my boy. He just doesn’t like that he is right now. But he will again, one day. In his grown-up, big boy way. I am anticipating that time, when he will talk more and grunt less; when I will speak less and listen more. But for right now, this is the way it is and it’s okay.

Besides, we will have our “get even.” The Big Boy and My Girl have already told their younger brother that he, as the baby in the family, will be stuck taking care of us old folks. I know the tables will be turned with us being the grumpy and snarly ones who are needy.

Love you guys.

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  1. I'm curious why the elders decided the baby is “stuck taking care of the old folks”! I guess that's the price you pay for having older sibs pave the way for you!

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