It’s been awhile…

…since I posted a list. So, here we go.

1. I am brilliant. Can I hear an AtotheMen? I have given my oldest child, aka The Big (Graduate) Boy a mission: come up with a doable remodel plan for the dungeon, which includes his “room” *no windows so technically can’t be called a “bedroom”* and the basement.

2. Having said I am brilliant…I just heard him say to his bff, E, “I think this is a load-bearing wall…we will have to get someone in to verify that before we remove it.” Ummm…his father is going to kill me.

3. Just heard him pull out the tape measure. He is exactly like the man who is going to kill me (My Man) in that they are logisticians…aka OCD on steroids. Now there is some wall tapping…

4. Save. Me.

5. The Wild Boy went back to school today. Five days after his shoulder surgery. He woke up yesterday morning having definitely turned the corner in all areas…shoulder, gut, headache, etc. He is not allowed to drive his vehicle (6-speed Manual Transmission Jeep Wrangler) for awhile, but apparently, there is a line forming to drive him to and from school which is totally cool by me. And by the Big Boy who is planning the demolition of our house, as we speak.

6. Worked out for the first time in 6 days this morning. Ouch. It was a short workout which is good and bad…good in that Mrs. Hagy, my workout budette, and I pretty much just grunted at each other when I picked her up a little after 6…that’s a.m., by the way… It had been awhile since she worked out also. She thinks, and is probably correct, that our workout just wasn’t long enough this morning and we never go to that runner’s high place. Tomorrow will be another shorter workout day due to morning appointments unless…unless…we head out a bit earlier. I’ll run it by her.

7. The discussion in the basement has now turned to removing this wall and putting in a big door. Help. Me.

8. I miss my Monday Morning Bible Study group. I stepped back this session because I was like a crazed woman trying to get everything done. Confession: I’m still not getting anything done and now have the extra added detriment of not being with/praying with/studying with my Bible Study Girlz. Next Monday morning I think I am just going to crash the study group to get some girl time.

9. Pipe placement and replacement is the topic in the basement now. All I hear is Cha-Ching.

10. Mercy. Now there is a bunch of banging going on in the basement. I’m scared.

11. I just heard “I’m just going to knock through this wall and see what’s in between the two walls…”

I gotta go…

Love you guys!

P.S. Forget that I ever said anything about being brilliant.

One thought on “It’s been awhile…

  1. #1: Re: Runner's High Place. Get past it. It doesn't exist. Never did. We were only TOLD it existed so we would continue to exercise. It's all a huge conspiracy with the shoe companies.

    #2: Re: the Big (Graduate) Boy's “room”…you brought it on yourself! Why on Earth would you say that to a person of the male persuasion who has access to tools, and just enough knowledge to make him dangerous?!? (And btw, I would have been really scared when the word “pipes” was mentioned! LOL! Good Luck!!


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