Totally Wigging Out Here.

My stress level is through the roof. Overwhelmed. Anxious. Exhausted.

So I did what I am supposed to do. What I have to do each morning. I got down and looked up.

Psalm 107:13-15 became my own this morning.

13 Then I cried to the LORD in my trouble,
and he saved me from my distress.
14 He brought me out of my darkness and the deepest pit
and broke away all my chains.
15 I give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love
and his wonderful deeds for me!

I have felt such a change in my prayer life since I started making scripture my own. Praying it in the first person. The Susan person. Inserting my own name, my own darkness and my deepest pits. I encourage you to do the same. He is so very good. He WILL answer. He WILL bless you.

He has me.

2 thoughts on “Totally Wigging Out Here.

  1. Father God, in Jesus name I ask that you would move over Susan right now with your incredible power! She needs a touch from YOU today and I know you are faithful to your Word, she is drawing near to you, I thank You that Your word says You will draw near to her in the midst of it! Bless my friend today. Hide her in the shadow of your wing and renew her as she trusts in You.Father, move in her life THIS day, help her to feel you in a tangible way today.In Jesus name, Amen.🙂 Love you friend!


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