Learning Patience…I hate it.

So, as much as I’m mourning our oldest child going off to college this Fall (not that I’ve shared it with y’all…lol), I’ve become very impatient waiting final notification from his first choice, CNU. So many of his friends have already received their letters…most of them denials, by the way…I have been itchin’ for his to come in the mail. CNU, daggone it, doesn’t post their decisions online. I think it’s all part of their plan to help the parents get used to NOT knowing what is going on in the lives of their children at college. Breaking us in.

It’s killing me.

So I mentioned it to God this morning. Most respectively, but I did tell Him that I just gotta know. So I knew, without a doubt, that when I checked the mail there would be nothing from CNU. So clearly this morning, I knew He told me over and over, “not YOUR time, Susan…MY time.”

Why? I dunno.

Actually, I think it is because there are folks there that really want him. (Well…excuse me, but who WOULDN’T???…lol) Seriously, he met with some of the professors there and they e-mailed the admissions office recommending him for admission. ‘Course, there is the fact that HE didn’t do what he knew he had to do…get big time grades the first semester. So, as The Man keeps telling me…we all did all that we could to help him, and he took it into his own hands, so whatever happens…happens.

Here’s the part that I’m hating though. The NOT knowing. Yes, it’s true…I’m a huge control freak. Which is why I am positive that God is helping me to learn some patience. I don’t do patience well. Never have. And it’s not something that you can just ask for and be granted. Nope…there’s some suffering that goes along with that request. The suffering and lesson of actually having to wait on something you really want…learning to be patient.

I’m not sure I’m ever going to totally get it. Oh, I get that it is His timing and not my timing. And I get that He is in control and I’m not.

But I don’t like it.

Not one bit.

Oh, and P.S. have I mentioned that I am absolutely loving these boys again? I have been cranking them all day. After listening to this great guy for an hour first, of course.

6 thoughts on “Learning Patience…I hate it.

  1. You’ve been a blogging machine since I checked on you yesterday morning. Oh my!So, let me just say, “me too” to what you wrote here…And I know I say this a lot, but we’ve really got to get together…face-to-face together, I mean…soon!Love you,Joanne

  2. :0) (Awww, you moved me).———————————————————————-God’s timing is so much better than ours, not always easy to see or say, but tis true.Your boy is going to be great!Thanks for sending us to the great music…Love you and praying for you.

  3. I’m at the other end of the parenting spectrum, having only a toddler, but God is still teaching me patience every day in my dealings with her. Whether it’s cleaning up the spilled Cheerios AGAIN or telling her (for the upteenth time today), “SIT DOWN on the couch. We don’t stand on the furniture.”All these moments of frustration remind me of the patience God has with ME. Because I (figuratively) stand on the couch an awful lot, too.I know that’s not where you were going with your post, but I think it’s interesting that God teaches us patience through our children, from day 1. Even when it comes to waiting for an acceptance letter to arrive in the mail!

  4. Yeah…this will kill me too. I mean…there is just too much lesson learning that will take place during these years!!!But, seriously, I will pray for you. Patience just stinks. But, you can do it. He’ll do it through you.Hugs my friend~Fran

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