Sometimes…it really stinks.

I’ve been handling it pretty well, I think.

Sure, I think about it often. Okay…every hour of every day.

But usually, it is at least with a mix of excitement and anticipation, in addition to the grieving.

Until some stupid little thing makes it a reality.

Makes it crash down on me in an unbearable crush and all I can do is cry.

Something so little and insignificant can drive me to my knees in prayer about it.

A thank you note arriving in the mail at church. Thanking our youth for sending an unexpected box of Valentine’s Day goodies to a church member college dorm address.

A box that my own sweet boy helped pull together and pack.

A box similar to one that this same sweet boy will be receiving next year in the mail.

To a college dorm address.

And I just sit here and sob at the thought.

5 thoughts on “Sometimes…it really stinks.

  1. Ugh. I don’t have any other words because I can imagine my own thoughts and feelings at this time in my life…which will be coming too quickly I know. Cherish this last year with him at home!

  2. I love you Sooz…I can not relate, but my heart hurts for you just reading this. Your momma’s heart is just precious. Hope your weekend is good. Call me if you want to talk…you still have my #’s? (Not like you don’t have “real” friends to talk to…but w/e I’m here for ya!)

  3. Hmm…I don’t know how to type the little noise this made me make. Sort of a sigh, ahh, mmm–that kind of sound you make when you really just wanna hug someone and tell them you love them.So ((hug)) and I love you, friend!Joanne

  4. I have no words, just a smile and a hug for you when next I see you, tomorrow (I hope). He is a GREAT kid (thanks to you and your man)and is going to do well at whatever he chooses. Love you!!

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