Just be Quiet and Listen.

I’ve been really out of sorts lately. It would be so easy to blame it on hormones. Let’s face it, at my age I can blame everything on hormones. And for a day or two, I DID blame it on hormones raging…mine and my sweet angel girl’s hormones.

I woke up this morning (after sleeping in and catching up on fifty a few missed nights of sleep due to The Man’s coughing) knowing that I had to deal with whatever was making me out of sorts. And deal with it today.

With my first cup of Cafe Verona firmly in hand, I made my way to the computer and to bff, Joanne’s blog. As I read the title of her most recent post, I gave a little nod and smirked. After reading the first couple of lines, I was saying aloud (to God, because no one else was home), “so…this is the way it’s gonna be, huh?”

I didn’t need to read it through again. I got what I needed. What He knew I needed.

I’m pretty predictable in the morning. I get up, put on my fuzzy slippers and lavender bath robe and head to the kitchen to get that all important first cup of Starbucks brewing. Once I’ve secured that, I head into the dining room for some quiet time/devotion/bible study time. The first time I typed the previous line, I left out quiet time. I have been doing that in real life, too. Leaving out quiet time. I’m too rushed. Too tired. Too busy. Too focused on getting every last bit of knowledge out of my current bible study. Lexical aids stacked up around me. A couple different versions of the bible, my journal, highlighters and purple (must be…always…purple) pens. There’s nothing wrong with all of that. It is the way I do bible study.

But I’ve kinda been leaving God out of it. That realization sent me quickly into denial…leave God out of it? How can that be? I’m studying! I’m reading! I’m gleaning! Catchin’ my own Rhema!

I forgot one all-important detail…


Just being quiet and letting God speak to me.

Coincidentally (I totally do NOT believe in coincidences) I just finished Beth Moore’s Stepping Up bible study and we are set to begin He Speaks to Me by Pricilla Shirer. I mistakenly (yeah…right) purchased the actual book and not the bible study the first time around. I decided I was supposed to have purchased it (no coincidences, remember?) and kept it along with the actual bible study book.

He Speaks to Me: Preparing to Hear from God


No way.

5 thoughts on “Just be Quiet and Listen.

  1. Susan, I’m trying to listen too! Thanks for checking my new blog on this very subject. And yes, we call her Goose! You and I have so many similarities…listen today, He will speak to you.

  2. Listening causes me to have to be still….thats the hard part….for even 5 minutes….my body can become still but my mind won’t be…..its hard.I am listening. I hope He revealed something pretty cool to you today!Thanks for sharing. Fran

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