Part 1…2014.

I wrote a post this morning. I hated it. It was my typical yakkity-yak, blippity blah, frou-frou crap. *Sorry for using “Crap”…you know I like to use it now and then. A lot. Today is that day.* So anyway. I scrapped the crap post this morning and went on my merry way taking down the Christmas Tree, packing stuff up, cutting heads of hair (My Man and The Wild Boy), then headed out for some shopping. I bought this awesome Columbia red hibiscus (more orange-y) hat for my Winter walks. I’m seriously in love with this hat.

The day included a last hurrah meal at Coastal Flats…Lobster Bisque (please make sure there are lots and lots of chunks of lobster meat) and Lobster Roll. Oh. So. Yummy. A nice long grocery store run, stocking up on healthy, whole fruits and veggies and seafood.

But the crap post kept creeping into my thoughts. What was I supposed to do with it? I hadn’t a clue.

I was checking my email and saw a New Year’s Day post from Beth Moore. The more I read, the more I realized what I was supposed to do. I had to be honest with y’all.

I try to pick a word each year that describes my thoughts and goals and plans for the upcoming year. After a few days of thinking and planning one word kept coming back to me:


Merriam-Webster online dictionary lays out these awesome definitions:

: to make (someone or something) strong, healthy, or active again
: to become strong, healthy, or active again
: to bring (something) back into use…
: to restore to consciousness or life

: to restore from a depressed, inactive, or unused state :  bring back
: to renew in the mind or memory
Yes. All of these.

You see, God and I have had this on-going discussion for the last year or so. There is some stuff I need to do in order for Him to allow some other stuff to happen. Thus far, He has held up His part and I have been a real slacker. Oh, I’ve made a few changes here and there and He has been extremely generous and merciful. My fibromyalgia has been pretty quiet. That right there is a TGF (Total God Thing). And now, it is time for me to jump in, fully obedient. It is some pretty scary stuff. But y’all have my back, right? Keep me accountable. Keep me honest. Keep me open and vulnerable. See?

Scary. Stuff.

Also, here is My Man and I last night before we headed out to have a New Year’s Eve Dinner with three of the four women (and their spouses) who keep me in line and accountable. This is definitely a new fave pic of us that I guess I will be printing and framing. Seriously…this Man gets more and more handsome as he ages, agreed?

Love you guys.

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