Feeling a Tad Overwhelmed.

So I am consumed with all of my stuff these days. Consumed with wanting to get to work on it, clean it out, get rid of it, etc.

But The Holiday Season is upon us. Senior Football Banquet is tomorrow night. I have tons to do at work. A crowd of family is coming to my house for Thanksgiving. I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed.

I always do this at this time of year. I think my obsessing about Christmas is my coping mechanism to make this Season more joyful. Even I had to read that sentence a couple of times to make sure it made sense.

My mantra for 2013 was, “Just Say No.” So, how did I end up being in charge of all of these things? I have a people-pleasing problem would be what some of you will say. I think it’s more a selfishness problem. The things I took on have been all about The Wild Boy…helping with Football Spirit Wear; being in charge of the Senior Football Banquet; being on the board for FCA at West Springfield High School. I am really trying to eek out every last second of Wild Boy teenager stuff before these days are gone.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining about that. I am actually complaining about letting my house and accumulation of stuff get to this point. But, the light is at the end of the tunnel. I told TWB last night that the first week is head’s out off to college, I am gutting his room. While that really isn’t going to be the case (mostly because My Girl jumped in and said, “I thought we were doing my room first?!”…and we are), I am taking a stand and taking back the house. Chances are, TWB will be back in four years, just like his brother and sister who don’t seem to be making any plans to move out on their own anytime soon. *Secretly, I’m okay with it…shhhhhhhhh.* At least until My Man retires in two years and we figure out the What Next. My mantra for 2014 will be “Just Say No” and mean it. And also a few other things that my Quiet Time has me thinking about letting go/changing.

By the way, I’m not ignoring your suggestions about what I should write about this month. I am actually saving your suggestions for January when I will be planning out my writing and getting more serious about it. I hope. I think. No, I am going to.

Thank you, all of you, for being so encouraging and supportive. When I end my posts with “love you guys” it is because I truly do.

Love you guys.

4 thoughts on “Feeling a Tad Overwhelmed.

  1. I keep talking about decluttering but the past few days I have yet to make much progress.I think I hold onto stuff because it's easier than making decisions about what needs to go . Holding on is easier than just letting go….there's a life lesson in there somewhere. I like when you write about real life stuff. it always makes me think.Love the ending too.

  2. I think most moms have trouble saying no b/c of GUILT. Turn that on it's head. You are saying NO b/c ur stretched too thin. You are saying NO b/c you are *saving* ur energy for the health of yourself/family. Once this shining truth hits u upside the head, NO is easy and follow up apologies are not needed. Of course that's just MOHO. (my own humble opion–which wasn't asked for but given anyway! tee hee).

  3. Patty-cakes…go on Amazon and get yourself a copy of 7. Just do it. Be brave. Step out. Let's do it together 🙂

    I've been wanting to be more “real.” Very often, when I do write about more real life stuff I either 1) immediately delete it or 2) save it just for me to review. Really, I can be such a downer sometimes, lol.

  4. Mom-Guilt. It's my middle name. Really, if y'all really want me to be real, I'll start a blog called, “True Confessions of a Real Mom and how her children are turning out to be awesome in spite of her.”

    True story 🙂

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