Current Obsessions.

Still no pics or video of my Christmas Planner/Binder. By now, y’all are probably wondering if said planner/binder truly exists. I assure you that it does. *and not just in my head*

Today instead, I want to share with you some of the things I am currently obsessed with/in love with/enjoying. This is not a list.

Not a list #1: Christmas. Duh. Clearly, I am totally infatuated with all things Christmas. Just because my love language happens to be gifts does not mean I am all about the gifts. *well, yeah, actually, I am*

Not a list #2: Christmas Blend. In case you live on Mars and don’t know what I’m talking about:

Hello, Lover

Christmas Blend is my absolute, all-time favorite Starbucks blend. I know that a few of you know that since I usually receive about 20 pounds of it for Christmas. FYI…so far, I have only received ONE STINKIN’ POUND of beans and that is because I made My Man drive to Starbucks and get me some. Get with the program, people. *please note that I had two cups of Christmas Blend this morning and then hit the Starbucks on the way home from the Walmarts and grabbed a grande Christmas Blend to go…I may be over-reacting a bit*

Not a list #3: Christmas music. Wait, I’m beginning to see a theme. Doesn’t matter. I love Christmas Music. My favorite Christmas album is this one:

We bought this years ago and it is still my favorite. A close second would be this:

Not a list #4: Fall/Winter/Christmas-y scented wax melts. I have my tart burners going at home (3 of them) and also the one in my office at the church. Goose Creek is my favorite. I love their humble beginnings. The melts are the yummiest. This one is melting and filling my office with heavenly smells this very moment:

Not a list #5: These:


I will end with those little discs of awesomeness.

Love you guys.

9 thoughts on “Current Obsessions.

  1. Not a list #6: my ass! Those were lists, missy. You are fooling no one!
    Ha ha. BTW, you forgot: “sitting by the fireplace w/ warm, fuzzy socks and puppies/kitties w/ said no-no cup of jo…

    Sigh. What would you do w/o me? 😛

  2. Those not list items are a few of my favorite things. :). Where do you get the Goose Creek tartlets? Since I stopped selling scentsy I am running out of wax.

  3. Really, Di…I am sooooo hitting you up to do a guest post here. I will have to *bleep* you out now and then, but I think this could work!

    And you are right…love/obsessed with all those things, also! Did you take note of all the no-no-jo I had today? BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  4. Kristy…I buy them online. Go to their website and sign up for their emails. I'm always getting “specials” and cheap or free shipping!!!! That's when I stock up 🙂

  5. Seriously, Joycie. I was just complaining to someone, as I was doing laps around my office, that I am JUST NOT SLEEPING. Then it dawned on me. Might, maybe, could be…the no-no-jo. In other news, I've gotten a lot done today.

  6. I have and love the Time Life collection. Thanks for the reminder to get it out. I have not see or tried the fudge Ritz. Now of course I will be on the hunt for them.Not sure I can thank you for that!

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