Just a short, rambling post.

I forgot to mention that yesterday was My Man’s 54th birthday! Yes, he is considerably older than I am. Yes, I was a child bride. No, I am not in denial. Well, maybe just a little. Happy Belated Birthday to My Husband. He truly is an incredible father to our children and I couldn’t be more blessed.

Today, finally, marks the end of The Wild Boy’s football career. Senior Football Banquet. I can’t wait for the night to be over so I we can finally move on, although it is going to be an awesome banquet. My Man, thankfully, took over the planning and dictating of the banquet and it truly is going to be the baseline for future Senior Football Banquets. The banquet team will be hard at work all day setting up and decorating, etc. The festivities begin at 5:30 tonight. I’m sure I will be posting some pics at some point.

I can’t go another day without mentioning something on my heart this week. Dear friends of ours lost their son last week. He took his own life, while away at college. We have too many friends who have lost a child this way. Knowing just one family who has lost their child to suicide is one too many. Both Russell and I spoke to each of our children this week to assure them that nothing…nothing…is too great for us to deal with and taking their own life would never be the better option.

Hug your child; talk to your children. They may blow you off, as mine did. They may roll their eyes and sigh heavily with disgust and exasperation, but do it anyway. And pray, pray, pray for them. Pray over every aspect of their life.

I have to end with that today. Please, if you think of it, toss up a prayer for our sweet friends, Debbie and Perry.

Love you guys.

8 thoughts on “Just a short, rambling post.

  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your friends' son. Like you, I have to talk to my three when things like this happen and say the same thing. Same rolling of eyes, but they have to hear it and we have to tell them.


  2. The subject of losing our young people this way has long weighed heavily on my mind. As you know too well, we lost a dear young neighbor when Shawn & Jane were seniors. I spend everyday in our high schools, and I worry so about these kids. Especially the boys. As exhausting as girl drama is, it at least lets the world know where a gal stands on any given day. But the boys….the boys….sometimes so hard to read. Are we giving them the tools they need? Do we make it crystal clear that there are an infinite number of paths to happiness and success, not just those few paths that get highlighted daily in our one- track suburban world? Are we explicitly teaching them that their concerns and stresses and fears are NORMAL, that someone (hopefully mom and dad) has their back, no matter what? I see these young men in the halls everyday and pray that they are seeking and getting the support they need.


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