What was I thinking????

Remember when I posted that I was back? God is NOT letting me forget it! Every time I turn around, He is convicting me that I am This Girl and not THAT Girl anymore. I would like to say it is easy. But it’s not. Doable now and then would be nice.

The Boy had his 4 wisdom teeth extracted. He was under general anesthesia. One tooth was impacted. He was only under for about 20 minutes. When he came out and they took us back to see him…I’m sorry, I could not help but laugh out loud at him. He was SOOO loopy and was saying the most hilarious things. Over and over and over. The Man, who distinctly recalled feeling so out of sorts and upset when HE came out from under the general anesthesia, did NOT like me laughing. I, too, distinctly remember coming out from under it except that I was horribly, horribly sick to my stomach. So I think it is a blessing that we could laugh at him because he so obviously felt good! He even had me take his picture (repeatedly) with my cell phone camera. He would look at each picture and laugh and laugh and laugh. Darn, I wish I had thought to bring the video camera! As his head became clearer, he realized the folly of having his mother take his picture right after surgery and how she might be inclined to use them as leverage at a later date by threatening to send said pictures to his year book staff! Not that she ever would, of course. Nope. Not a chance. Maybe.

I’d like to ask y’all to toss up an arrow prayer for my BFF Jen. She is 36 (geriatric, by the way, according to her OB/GYN) and is pregnant. She has had some bleeding and cramping and it was tense until her sono yesterday. But everything looked fine. As a precaution, she is on bed rest for a week and goes back on Sept 5 for another sono. She has a very active 7 year old. Our group of gals will be helping her out a lot between now and the baby’s due date the end of March.

We’re one week out from the start of school. Can I get a hallelujah?! I’m ready for the routine, the structure, the glorious SILENCE in the house each morning. My heartbeat slows just thinking about it. Having said that, the first quarter of the school year is always tough…juggling school, work, sports, life…oy. I will be spending a lot of time in the Word, on my knees and exercising!

Hugs and blessings to all of you. Check out some of the lovely women I have links to on my side board. Their words are truly inspirational.

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  1. I know. The walk is tiring sometimes, isn’t it? Sometimes I wish it could be easier. Just easier to be the person I want to be. Easier to be obedient and spiritually disciplined.Hope your loopy boy is still feeling well. 🙂 I’ll be those are some funny pictures!

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