It Doesn’t Count if They are Bible Study Books, Right?

Ahhh….addictions. We humans are woefully addicted, aren’t we?

Okay. I AM WOEFULLY ADDICTED! To Books. And Coffee. Let’s begin with the books this morning, shall we?

I HAD to purchase two books. I mean, I ran across them on another blog and they were HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as MUST HAVES if you are serious about your bible studying. I am oh, so, serious about my bible studying. So, I had to have this and this. I can hardly wait for them to arrive so that they can join the stacks of my other study helps.

And the coffee.

Sweet. Nectar. Of. Life.

I could have sent The Boy to Caribou. But that is all the way over on the other side of town! I mean, it would be a waste of gas (and we all know how expense that is) and his time (he has many, many projects to catch up on for me) and really. I just plain needed me some good, coffee shop brewed coffee. So I relented. And I sent him to the dreaded Starbucks. He knows my feelings about Starbucks lately. But he laughed out loud when he walked in. They were brewing my absolute favorite. Verona. Ohhhhhh…..yesssss. Life is suh-weet!

But I’m not going back again. Nope. I’ll just send The Boy. And once My Girl gets her license, I’ll send her.

4 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Count if They are Bible Study Books, Right?

  1. Oh how I adore you! Cute post!I share your love for the java too, in fact I think I’ll run brew a pot right now…I’ve missed you too. I hope Lauren lets me blog a little more, she’s been a handful lately.Blessings,Sue


  2. OH. YES. (and I typed these words before I got to the part where you wrote Ohhh…yesss about the coffee) I am so like you about books. And I don’t have those two particular books which now that I have seen them I must add to my collection. I just got the <>Dictionary of Biblical Imagery<> edited by Leland Ryken because of a blog recommendation. Great book! So now maybe we’re even and you’ll need to add this one to your must have list.KateKate


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