And he was like…and she was like…and then I did this dance…

Living with a teenage daughter is SO VERY different from living with a teenage son, although they both crack me up on a continuous basis.

My Girl is so different from what I was like one month shy of my 16th birthday. She is totally irresponsible when it comes to school and studying (it’s all about the social, ya know). Although she is very capable of being a great student, it just requires more studying and effort than she thinks school is worthy of. Her “time is too important to waste” on school. Oy. As you can imagine, this causes great consternation for her mother (to whom school came easy) and much sympathy from her father (from whom she gets her “requires more studying and effort” gene). Add in an older brother (by 11 months and 1 day, thank you very much) who is more like his mother…well, let’s just say that the topic of school is a hot button topic, on many levels, in our household.

My Girl is, however, an exceptional athlete (which for some reason she has decided will see her through the near future…and school won’t). She’s focused on volleyball now although it appears she may not even reach my height of almost 5’9″. Baby brother is almost as tall as she is at age 11, another source of irritation on My Girl’s part…none of the “good height” genes.

My Girl came flying up the stairs after vb practice last night and was speaking so quickly and about so many different things that I quickly lost focus and started humming a little tune to stop myself from going INSANE. (Oh yes…she did pick up a small attention issue from her mother.) I picked up the following from the 5 minute long, quick-fire, one-sided conversation:

“And she was like…I can’t believe it!”

“And he was like…doing cartwheels in the hall!”

“Why is it that I can’t even get A NERD to like me?”

“And then right there I did the dance that Cameron Diaz does with her butt in all of her movies…”

THAT jerked my attention right back because sweet little My Girl started doing the booty dance right there in the home office, belting out a melody that sounded remarkably like something from a strip tease movie. My jaw dropped open…

“And then Erik was like…”

“And Amy was like Julie told Ryan that this girl, Amanda, said that she heard Kelly say…”

Right back to zone out land.

Today, we’re in “Arctic Mode”…all I receive is

an icy stare

a cold shoulder

frost-laden one-word answers

I was coldly informed that, “today was the WORST. DAY. EVER!!!!!” “What does that mean?” I ask. “Never. Mind.”

How do we so quickly go from booty dancin’ to Ice Princess? I’m absolutely positive (and my sister will attest to this) that I was NEVER like that. (Thankfully, my sister hasn’t started contributing to my blog so hopefully y’all will never find out that I’m tellin’ a whopper on that one.) BF from high school swears that My Girl is, well, My Clone. That bodes nothin’ but trouble for HRH and myself!


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