Post Number Three for the day.

Mini-update on My Girl and HER LIFE.

She’s still not playing much on the volleyball team. She’s quite resigned. I hate that. I’m still talking to God about it. Daily.

The (ex) Boyfriend phones and text-messages still. She’s over it. Yay!

A girl that My Girl knows is in Like with The Homecoming Date. My Girl doesn’t really know what to make of this. The Other Girl did contact My Girl and ask her about it and mentioned that IF My Girl doesn’t REALLY LIKE The Homecoming Date and he’s JUST A DATE, could she have a shot at him?

No word on the final decision other than My Girl told her that she THINKS she MIGHT like him, but she’s not really sure. In other words, “back off, girlfriend”.

The joys of raising a teenage daughter. I’m thankful I only have one. I don’t have time for any others. A friend of ours has three girls. 16, 13 and 8.

The Man and I just point and laugh.

In a loving way, of course.

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