What’s stacked on YOUR bedside table to read?

I think I have pretty well established that I have a book problem love of reading.

So this morning, I’m busily rearranging our bedroom prior to the scheduled within the next 8 hours visit of the Direct TV Dude…because you know…2 satellite receivers is not enough…nope…gotta have 4.

Anyway, I try to pick up the pile of reading material next to my bed.

It is insanely heavy.

And what about the pile in my beautiful Longaberger basket next to my dresser? And don’t even get me started on the pile of magazines taking up residence next to the pile of reading material. By the way, nowhere, in any of the aforementioned piles, does my actual daily reading and bible study material reside. Nope. That stack of bibliomania is in the living room next to Mamie’s chair, next to another Longaberger basket full of books (I’ll save my addiction love of Longaberger baskets for another self-analysis on another day) next to an antique cradle my parents shipped back from a tour in Turkey that is, yes that’s right, FULL of books.

Seriously, I have got me some kind of problem with love for books.

So, other than the daily read pile, the pile next to my bed would be my go-to-book-pile. I thought I would list what was in said pile for your reading (get it…ar ar) pleasure.

Running from top to bottom/smallest to largest because I’m all about organization, y’all…

1. Right on the very top, I kid you not:

Very scary ironic, don’t you think?


I really, really heart this series and the one before it, Lineage of Grace.


The Book of Psalms is my couldn’t-get-stranded-on-a-desert-island-without-it book. Period. Truly, my absolute favorite read of all time. I go back for more every day.
And I just noticed
this book while grabbing a photo of the Psalms book. I don’t have this one.



That’s right…because in my busy full life of being a wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend, church secretary, chauffeur, house-cleaner, laundress, cook, group leader, yadda yadda, I am lost as to what my passion and purpose and calling is.


A must have bible for women. Love the NLT translation as a companion to the NIV.


I figured this would be a little light reading. Yeah, right…I have time for light reading.


Reads like a novel, with footnotes.


Except my copy doesn’t have a front cover. Or back cover. It was the first “real” bible I received after becoming a New Christian. It has tons o’ wear n’ tear. It’s still near n’ dear to my heart.


Big and bulky and heavy and FULL of information.
LOVE it.


I set this aside, but I’m feeling led to finish it up. Easy reading, but full of great, great stuff.


I picked up a copy of this for a friend who is new to the bible study world. I picked myself up a copy, too. A great overview of the bible.


This is in a magazine style. Easy to read. Short articles. Every time I flip through it, I find new, cool, stuff.


Not the book…the workbook. Not sure why this was stuck in there. I haven’t finished the study yet. Our small group was working on it over the summer and, well, we were all rarely able to meet. I’ll put this “away” and pull it out for another day.

And finally. This book:

It is not currently next to my bed to read, but my BFF Lori says that I HAVE to read this with her starting RIGHT NOW. And so I shall.

So now you know my not so well-kept secret…I’m a book junkie. I’m addicted. Can’t live without them. And every time I see a new one, I gotta have it. Now.

Help me. Please.

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  1. I see some good ones in here. I have been wanting the Archeological Study Bible for a while. Francine Rivers has a way of putting meat on the bones of Bible stories and the Jesus book looks intriguing.Kate

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