The Simple Life?

Had an amazing long weekend away with The Man to celebrate our 24th anniversary. We rode out the non Tropical Storm, Gabrielle. In fact, I slept through it Sunday afternoon and The Man watched football to his heart’s content. It was heavenly!

The morning we left, the sunrise was incredible.

TS Gabbie didn’t stop us from enjoying the beach or the pool or any meals we ventured out to eat. And we had some good eating. Lots of fresh seafood.

That was a long, long week ago. We hit the door running last Monday (our actual anniversary day) and didn’t stop all week.

I was up early this morning for my quiet time. It really registered with me how hectic our week was. Not for the first time, I pondered how very busy our LIVES have become.

The Little Boy – Number 9 in Blue

We spent yesterday afternoon at Six Flags. It was an unbelievably gorgeous day. Our morning began at Sunday School. Straight to The Little Boy’s football game, missing Worship at church. Straight to Six Flags. By the time we arrived home last night, at 8:00, The Boyfriend was pulling into the driveway to spend a precious hour with My Girl before we kicked him out (it was a school night, after all).

I found it difficult to focus during my quiet time this morning. My journal reflects my wandering thoughts with lots of meandering entries. Or is that meandering thoughts with lots of wandering entries? Both seem to apply.

I grabbed a few minutes at Six Flags to continue reading (you’ll get a kick out of this) Living Simply. Totally NOT my life. I want to live more simply. I even try to live more simply. I go through things, purge, toss, pack away, haul away, give away and yet…we still have too much stuff. I say no, walk away from, remove myself, resign and yet…my days, weeks, months are packed and the years are FLYING by.

I know I’m not the only one. Part of it, I’m positive, is the area we live in. Traffic, competition, so much tempting us. We had a speaker at our church on Saturday for a women’s event. She was from Alabama. She thought her life was hectic, and out of control until she listened to us speak about our lives living in this area. Cramming so much in that we are suffocating. I am suffocating.

Having said all of that, I can’t really think of a single activity I want to give up. I can think of things I want to do differently and I am certainly turning away new activities for myself and for my family. It is a fine line to walk…needing discernment at every step. There may be something that we are NOT doing that we are SUPPOSED to be doing.

Which brings me back to my quiet time this morning. Staying in His Word. Seeking His Guidance. Praying for His Discernment.

I can’t imagine starting my (very busy) day without it.

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  1. I want to thank you for your prayers for our family after the death of our nephew. I know the Lord will bring all of us through….but his parents will need extra prayers for a long time.I’ve enjoyed stopping in for a visit. You are singin my song…oh to live simply. It is not easy….but it’s worth pursuing. That’s what I’m doing. I’m not there yet, but working towards it.1983, a good year to get married!! Your dress was much cuter than mine, but at least neither of us had huge, puffy sleeves.Blessings,Rachel Anne

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