New Beginnings

Today begins the last weekend before the 2007-2008 school year begins. Lots of new beginnings happening.

The Little Boy’s last year in elementary school. All three Darlings have attended this one (and only) elementary school. The Man took them all up for Open House yesterday:

All three had the same first grade teacher. When The Man the three Darlings walked in, she burst into tears. There was a long line to see her and she ran over and told them to please, please come back in a bit when the line eased up. Here they are:

They popped in to see The Little Boy’s teacher from last year. Again, all three have had him. He had just said to My Girl, “so…what happened to all of your Pooh fat?” Oh yes, so like him. You can see My Girl’s reaction.

He was NOT My Girl’s favorite teacher.

And finally, they popped in to see The Little Boy’s 6th Grade teacher this year. Again, The Boy and My Girl both had her.

She was My Girl’s favorite teacher, EV-er. The Boy told The Little Boy, “you will LOVE her”. I have to say, she was one of my faves of the Darling’s teachers, too.

More beginnings. Last night was also My Girl’s first real season varsity volleyball game. Varsity plays best of 5. They took 3 of 4. Shouldn’t have had to go to four, but it is the first real competition My Girl’s team has had. They have crushed everyone in their scrimmages and tournaments. It was good to see them have some real competition. All of the games were close. You can tell by the look on My Girl’s face that they were not used to losing a game and having such close scores.

She’s brutal on herself. I can NOT for the life of me figure out where she gets it from.

More new stuff. The Boy’s senior year. Scary stuff.
My Girl just got her learner’s permit. SCARIER stuff, believe me. She’s not driving my car!
For some reason, I always think of the new school year as even more of a new start than New Year’s. I’ve been journaling a lot lately about ME. Am I really This Girl? There is definitely still a lot of That Girl in me. And I do not like her. So, I’m looking at some things I want to change.
God, being So Good, keeps bringing me back to the Proverbs 31 Woman. Yes…she does a ton of stuff in her day, but His focus is on her heart, her character, her love of her God and how all of that flows into what she does. Natalee (love her!) reminded me today that yes, God does indeed focus on all of that and the fact that she loves her husband and children next. And how it must please Him that she does, even if the house doesn’t get completely cleaned and laundry piles up.
Thank you for helping with the Ah-Ha moments today, Natalee.
This is a long blog post tonight. Thanks for hanging in there with me, the two of you that made it this far!
Hugs and Blessings…

One thought on “New Beginnings

  1. Susan,Read my blog for an interesting story that might inspire you, as a mom. It seems to fit RIGHT in with the theme of your last few blogs.Hope you’re enjoying yourself!!NataleePS – Thanks for the plug!


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