Linky Lovin’

Some blogs I have been glued to this week:

Kate at Small Scribbles. Wow. She is so real. So honest. I wept as I read this.
Kate at Small Scribbles. Part 2. I praised God as I read this.
Linda’s He’s a Raven. I am so there next August.
Teri asking for Prayer at Facedown. I so do the same exact thing.
Anna…I can’t help but rejoice with her.

And just as an aside…do y’all just LOVE Tim McGraw and Faith Hill? I love, love, love their song, “I Need You”. Find it. Buy it. Love it. I think I pray for their marriage as much as I pray for my own. Wouldn’t it be grand for them to just stick with it until ‘death do they part’?

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