Day 1. Easter Week.

Feeling the need to push myself to consistently blog for a period of time, I will post some things I’m thankful for, every day gifts I recognize, or maybe even just some blurted out thoughts each day this week. Here we go.

Sunday mornings have a different-from-every-other-day-of-the-week feeling
yoga pants 
green pollen slime heralding the arrival of Spring
UA black socks stolen from wild boy’s sock drawer
waking to bird song
my girl’s incredible green eyes
the warmth of my home
reading glasses
the color red

How about y’all? I challenge you to look around and choose to see the good; the gifts; the blessings.

3 thoughts on “Day 1. Easter Week.

  1. Sunshine, Kaysi's beautiful smile, Nick's strong drive, Jacobs incredible heart, Stephens deep dimples (really cute!), Terrific husband, baseball, coffee, flip flops, good friends (my BOUFFY), country sunrise over the meadow, thankfulness, great parents, and the USA.

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