It’s Random Thursday.

“Randomness is my life.” – Me

1. I’ve let the boxes sit for a couple of weeks. The over-whelming temptation to just chuck it all in a dumpster was my cue that I needed to stand down for a time.

2. That time is over and I am back to it.

3. Stand down has become code-word between My Man and I for “getting ready to totally lose my mind and I need to step away before I destroy something.” And this code-word works both ways between us.

4.  No real Evil Kitty stories to report unless you don’t follow me on facebook. Then let’s just say there was an incident this week involving Her Evil Highness, the telephone, the Mac and a full cup of coffee.

5. Settlement on Alvin’s house in Dumb-frys happens (on our end, anyway) on March 8. The buyers will sign March 9 (Russell was unavailable that day). Original settlement date was March 30. While this drastic move up date is not really convenient for us, it was inevitable so why not get it over with? The stress of worrying about that house and finally closing the chapter on that, will be a huge relief for Russell. Last night we drove down to the house to refresh our minds about what was still left in the house and garage. Thankfully not too much, but there are a few big pieces of furniture. As we drove in the gates to Four Seasons, I could physically feel the tension in both of us. I actually felt nauseous. We will both be relieved when we drive back out those gates for the last time.

6. Had a great walk with bff, Annette, this morning. Poor thing…somehow my brother-in-law, Al, came up and one thing led to another and I was walking her through the night Andy died. Step by step, minute by minute. I guess I needed to unload all of that. She is such a trooper. She laughed with me, cried with me, stood patiently by as I went through it. Surprisingly, it was a relief to talk about it.

7. Had small group this morning. We met at Panera. Minus One KG, who was greatly missed. Oh. My. Word. We laughed and laughed and laughed. I love these women and am so very thankful we get together once a week.

8. As I’m typing this (watching NCIS on USA of course) My Man is out to dinner with Lori’s Man. They desperately needed some male-bonding bff time. We encouraged them to go. I’m hoping they are able to hash out some things that are weighing heavy on each of their minds. Boys need bff’s too.

9. I wore my WSHS Football shirt w/ SMITH 87 on the back today. I miss football.

10.  I’m becoming a germaphobe. I always knew it was possible considering my OCDness. I smell all food. I wash my hands constantly. I’m afraid to touch any surface in a public place. I choose my food carefully,  calculating the risk of germs. It could totally become an obsession.

That’s all the randomness I’ve got this evening.


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