Things I love right now…

In no particular order (i.e. random):

  • fruit. all of it. any kind of it. just give me the fruit.
  • all of the teenage boys in my life right now. my own. my own adopted. all the ones i encounter due to the two aforementioned groups.
  • Shawn coming home tonight. for a week. to cook. 
  • all of the 20-something peeps in my life right now. my own. all of those that will rush to our house all week due to the above-mentioned 20-something coming home.
  • eggs over easy for breakfast. every morning.
  • this book.
  • and this book.
  • and this book.
  • and this book.
  • my husband. he’s having a really rough time of it. i keep reminding him that he will be blessed beyond measure for being obedient and doing the right thing, even though he can’t stand to do it.
  • our church youth. they are amazing. i’m so very proud of each and every one of them.
  • echo. they are my new best friend. even though they try to slam the doors closed when they see my truck pull up to unload. i forgive them.
  • my girl. she is hilarious. 
  • the power of prayer.
  • all three thousand of my tart warmers. and scented candles. i use them every day.
  • my weight bench and my weights. they are my old bff’s who have become new bff’s again. 
  • my family. finally we can talk about everything and anything. no matter how painful. no matter how intimate. 
  • my crocheting. i’m working two afghans right now. one for a pretty blond girl and one for a 20-something burly guy. i take it with me everywhere to ease my mind. and calm my soul.
  • tux, chloe and jack. 
  • spring.
  • all of you.

*you can go here to see (and even order) all my current fave books and must haves*

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