The Meaning of Life.

A seriously lofty title, eh?

The subtitle should be, “As discovered by Me.” Or, maybe, “The Meaning of Life” should be the subtitle and the title should be, “Finally Figuring Out Stuff in my 50’s.”

I’ve finally decided to love my hair. There are many reasons for this acceptance/new found love. Probably the top reason would be that My Man hardly has any hair left and mine is still going strong, albeit, not it’s natural color. *at the moment…see previous post about going hippie* Even some of my girlfriends are noticing their luscious locks aren’t nearly as luscious as they were say, ten years ago. While it’s true I do lose quite a bit of hair when I am particularly stressed, and it can be quite an alarming amount at times, thankfully, it doesn’t really show. My head of hair is still thick and curly and susceptible to the frizzies, also known as the “Bozo The Clown” look by my sister. THAT girl has a head of curly hair on her that makes mine pale in comparison. Thank You, Jesus, for good hair product.

Speaking of good hair product, we are all alive for such a time as this…a specific time in history where we belong and were placed on purpose. I know this to be true for the following reasons: 1) I’m blind as a bat and coke bottle thick lenses weren’t available in the 14th century; 2) hair product that keeps my naturally frizzie witch hair fairly tame and curly or even straight, if I so wish; and 3) braces. Have I ever mentioned that I sucked my thumb until the age of seven? Imagine what that did to my front teeth. Think, “Buck-tooth Sue” at it’s worst. And don’t even get me started on air conditioning and central heat. I’m a Princess and I know it.

My 50(ish) year old body, however, is another story. But I can’t really put the blame on my age with this one. And I have to agree with my GP (who is on her way out the door) that eating well (read: starvation at this age) and exercising regularly (read: obsessive 2-3 hour daily workouts) would, indeed, help my physique.  That’s pretty much what it took to drop 45 pounds 7 years ago. All of which have come back on with a vengeance. Please don’t send me emails telling me how to go about it in a healthy way. Truly, I’m being sarcastic with the starvation *but not about the obsessive 2-3 hour workouts* and I do know what I need to do.

Liposuction and plastic surgery.

Pedicures should be mandatory. I truly believe that they help nourish the soul. Every 3-4 weeks or so, My Girl (and sometimes bff, Charlene) hit our fave pedicure place for the “Spa Treatment.” Now and then, like yesterday, My Girl and I got the “regular pedicure.” We are still bitter. September’s pedis WILL be Spa all the way. We are talking extra long leg massage and the coup de gras…hot stone massage. *Heaven will have hot stone and oil leg massages, I am sure of it*

Thanks for the topic suggestions, by the way. It is difficult to be flippant and sarcastic when one is writing about one’s testimony, however. So, that one will have to wait for when I am in a serious frame of mind. But, I have been thinking about it. I think that my family and our friends all know the “not so public” parts of it. Guess I should confirm that with them before going public. *how’s that for a tease*

Today My Man, The Wild Boy and I are heading to Shenandoah University for a college visit. TWB has no idea where he wants to go to school. But that’s okay. He’s still a baby. He has plenty of time. *Denial is my Motherland and I’m staying here* He and I did have breakfast together yesterday morning and talked college talk. It’s all good. I was able to get through it without (hardly) crying at all. I’m actually very excited about his upcoming school year. No, really, I am! Once football season is over, it will all be good. Football season is so consuming. I want him to enjoy all aspects of his senior year. My senior year rocked. And I actually remember it, although it’s all in black and white (you know, before color television and all.)

Have y’all been following the Washington Nationals? I truly thought this year would be our World Series Year. It’s not looking so good. I’m actually pretty disgusted and have even been contemplating removing my Nats Twitter background, so you know I am serious. But really, how can you not be impressed by 20 year old Bryce Harper? I really wanted Davey Johnson to go out with a fantastic year. It was all downhill after Teddy finally won the race, wasn’t it?

Please keep in mind that this post was originally twice as long until I went back and read it. You’re welcome.

Love you guys!

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