A to do list, of sorts.

1. What’s worse than having your own stuff lying around because there is no place for it? Having someone else’s stuff lying around your house. Getting rid of boxes and extra lamps and, Lord, help me, the scooter parked in my living room…August goal #1.

2. For Sale: Electric Scooter. Snappy black basket attached on the front. Best offer. Serious inquiries only because if you inquire…it’s yours. No givies-backsies.

3. Get my new filing system set up and running. I think two years is long enough for “tweaking.”

4. Plant Fall flowers in my yard and in planters on back deck and for the front steps.

5. I’m not buying ANY books in August. Nor any downloads for my Kindle. I’m going to try really hard not to buy any or download any. I’m probably not going to buy any books or downloads during the first week of August. It’s August 8, that counts as “August,” right?

6. Next time, I will turn my tv off before I scream at the Nats. Because clearly, they aren’t paying the slightest bit of attention to my couch-coaching. *currently, the Nats are dead to me*

7. I’m taking a few days off next week and I plan on getting my sleep cycle back on track. Also my daily dates with my boyfriend, Gym, are back on. And I guess I need some major quiet time. Can y’all think of anything else?

I think that will cover August. What are y’all doing this month?
Love you guys.

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