The things we will do out of desperation…

I may have mentioned a time or two that I have not been sleeping. Sleep has been an issue for me for several years, but the last 10 months have been brutal. Anxiety, depression, poor eating and exercise habits have all contributed to my lack of sleep, I am positive.

So yesterday morning, out of sheer desperation, I kept my appointment with an acupuncturist. I say kept because I have actually called and made several appointments with him over the last year or so but have always called to cancel. I almost called to cancel yesterday morning, but I had a friend holding me accountable and she is one bossy missus and honestly, I lacked the energy to deal with the barrage that would descend upon me if I had called to cancel. *she admitted she thought I would likely call and cancel yesterday’s appointment, so I showed her!* She is such a good friend though, she actually called and made the appointment for me, no doubt to fill in tidbits I might be inclined to leave out. She actually drove me to the appointment to definitely fill in the tidbits I was inclined to leave out. Seriously, everyone needs a friend like her in their lives…but only one.

So, the appointment. Not what I expected at all. Not sure exactly what I expected, but you know how you know that something wasn’t what you thought it might be like even though you had no idea what you thought it might be like? That.

The entire suite of offices is bright and airy but also calming and serene. The moment I walked in the front doors, I knew I would like it and become a regular. The staff was warm and welcoming.It did help that bff, Susan was with me since she is a regular and walked me around to show me the ropes, i.e., the restroom.

Really, can’t you tell everything about a place by it’s bathroom? I was, at first, thrown off by the fact that this was a Men/Women bathroom combined. Nothing says howdy like a frufru girly bathroom with a urinal. But really, once I got passed that, literally, to the girls section, it was all good. Candles and frufruness abound. Even the water faucets (side by side…Men/Women, remember?) were calming and serene as they flowed. There was a moment of anxiety when I realized there were several choices of scented hand soap from which to choose. So I did like any over-indulged princess would do and tried them all, one at a time. Finished up with the fig and I must say it went along very well with the lavender scent I chose first. I am a die-hard lavender girl when it comes to soaps and lotions and cleaning and laundry products.

We settled into comfy chairs in the treatment room sipping our green tea and chatted about books and such for a few minutes before Thomas came in. I liked him right away. A very kind and gentle face, and very no nonsense. He doesn’t condemn, by any means, but he did make some clucking and tsking sounds as we talked. And bff, Susan did interject some good points that I forgot *ahem* to share.

When it was time for me to finally stretch out on the rack table, I was pretty ready to get started with the acupuncture.

Check back for part two and how bff, Susan neglected to mention the torture part of my appointment.

Love you guys.

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