It’s a Monday morning random list on Wednesday.

UPDATE: I have heard from so many of you, privately, that you too struggle with anxiety and/or depression. We are not alone. YOU are not alone. I think connecting with each other and knowing that we all struggle with “stuff” is helpful. At least for me. Thank you for sharing with me…I often DO feel alone in this and most people, even friends, don’t get that it is usually something I can’t just “get over.” Love you guys!

A bit of Monday Morning Randomness will, I hope, get me back into a blogging mood. *please note it is now Wednesday*

1. As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in my living room in yoga pants (or, yogurt pants as The Wild Boy used to call them) and a sweatshirt. In the middle of August. No, not in Siberia…in Virginia, ‘Merica. Craziness. *I’m also watching NCIS but don’t tell anyone*

2. I also ordered and have already received not one, but two books last week. But they were on the Book of Psalms, you know…The Bible…so they really don’t count in my self-imposed August book ban. Besides, the Amazon stock had dropped rapidly while I was on August Book Ban and they practically gave me the two books. Did I mention they are books about the Bible? by serious religious men…C.S. Lewis and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

3. So, I have a new grand pup. He is a cutie. German Shepherd. His name is Wesson. Why, yes! As in Smith & Wesson. We have come up with a couple really sweet AKC names for him. Will let you know what we, I mean, My Girl, decides on. He is her dog. Do you hear me, Nana? Sarah’s dog…her responsibility, etc. Here’s the little munchkin…

He is extremely lovable. And he has huge, black ink dipped paws. We are in love. Remind me of that after the first accident or furniture chewing incident.

4. Have I mentioned we have a new Pastor? If you are looking for a church that loves Jesus, good music and good food, you must come check us out. Seriously, we know how to love our church family and if you walk in the church doors, you are family. Our new Pastor is young but also very spiritually wise. We have known and loved him and his beautiful bride, Leeann, for several years.

5. Did I mention our new Pastor is also our new next door neighbor? So stinkin’ blessed.

6. So the last few months, okay, the last six months, at least, I have been swimming in a sea of anxiety. With a dabble of depression. It has totally sucked. Every day, I’m one step closer to getting out of that pit. Some days, however, I take two (or twelve) steps back into the pit. I only throw this one in here for the following two reasons: 1) if you, too, suffer from anxiety and/or depression, you are not alone; and 2) seek some help.

7. FYI, when the momma is down, the entire house goes down. I just walked around the house, with eyes wide open, and apparently, no one else knows how to do laundry, pick up after themselves, dust, vacuum, clean the kitty litter box, put clothes away, etc. As testimony to my new found chillness, I did not blow a gasket. Yet. My people are going to be very busy this weekend, however.

8. The August humidity is back today, along with some heat. When I began this post, several days ago, you will notice that I was wearing a sweatshirt *see #1 above* Today, I am sitting on the back porch at 8:00 am sweating. I cannot wait for Fall to arrive and stay. I’m already stocking up on baking supplies. Apple-picking dates and our annual Christmas Tree trip are already on the calendar. With Fall, and all of these activities, however, comes a touch of nostalgia. The Wild Boy’s senior year in high school. However, I firmly believe God prepares both of us for that time of parting. I’m not sure who is going to kill whom first, but the Wild Boy and I are definitely getting on each other’s nerves in a big way. I dare say we will both be ready for him to head off to college next August.

9. That’s all I have today. Thanks for sticking with me through thick and thin.

Love you guys.

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