If the workmen are here, it must be Saturday and a chocolate pudding recipe.

Y’all. We have had workmen in our house non-stop since the second week in February…TWO-THOUSAND TEN. Okay, that is a slight exaggeration but honestly, I am so tired of it. And there is still another week’s worth of work left to do in the master bath. Never mind that since we signed the contract we have added $2600 worth of extra work. *ahem*

Back when the kids were younger, I was way more OCD. I heard you snort out loud, Mrs. D. but, it is true. I would get so spun up about the house and stuff and all about me and I would yell and pout and storm out and I made everyone around me miserable. Also, I was miserable. So one day, I had a good long chat with God about it all and I let it go. I had way more important things to be stressed about, little did I know. And now…now I am picking back up the OCD mantle and wearing it proudly. My kids are older. They are capable of 1) doing what they are supposed to do like pick up after themselves, clean up as they go along, etc., and 2) deal with my OCDness. I do not plan on picking up the yelling, stressing, pouting, storming out mantles, however. Okay, realistically, some of that may happen now and then, but not if these people would just do what I tell them to do. *tongue in cheek, by the way. Sort of.*

So I don’t even get a break from the workmen on Saturday. They are here today putting up drywall. It’s not that I want to run around in my skivvies or anything but still. Which leads to this question…what are skivvies and how did that word come about? Someone google that for me, please?

I am in full-blown organizing/purging/haul-the-dumpster-to-the-door mode. I’m also not eating sugar, wheat and very little caffeine *read…very little coffee*. Surely this is an Apocalypse ready to happen? Thankfully, *I think* my fibromyalgia is also in full-blown mode so I have to take frequent breaks. It’s actually a blessing to all of us right now. Especially when bff, Mrs. D sends down homemade chocolate pudding. What? You don’t think it’s healthy? Really. Look:

Into Vitamix add:
1 ripe avocado, peeled and pitted
1/4 cup agave nectar
1/4 cup almond milk
1/4 cup good-quality cocoa powder (ghirdelli, etc)
1 t vanilla
Blend til smooth. Can also add a bit of cinn and/or espresso powder.

To. Die. For. You don’t like avocado? You won’t even know there is avocado in this. It is yummy and chocolaty and HEALTHY. And delicious. I promise.

I just sent Shawn to the grocery. He and I were brain-storming a meal for dinner tonight. My Man requested an “awesome and delicious feast.” Shawn is making steak au poivre, green beans and roasted veggies. I know, right? How spoiled are we?

Those of you that know us, and those of you who don’t but have been reading This Girl for awhile, probably know that Shawn and I have a love/hate relationship with each other. Oh, don’t get me wrong, there is ALWAYS love between us, but and sometimes we flat out do NOT get along. In some ways, he and I are very similar. In some ways, he and his father are very similar. I think that explains it all. We argue. A lot. He was the “mumbles a lot under his breath” kid. He would rarely be in-your-face obstinate, but always had to get the last word in as he was walking away mumbling. *must have gotten that from his father* I think he and I would make an awesome cook show combination, don’t you? There would be awesome cooking (Shawn) and baking (my specialty) and probably some *good natured* bickering and arguing. And lots of love. Of course.

Anyone out there starting up, or wanting to start up a new business creating websites/blogs…I’m your girl. I need an update and am willing to pay very little for it but will certainly promote you to the ends of the earth and back. Email me if you are interested. Really…sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Y’all are the best.

Oh! And remember this picture from my facebook page?

This is what it looks like in my living room as I write:

I know, right? My mother will be texting me as soon as she sees this picture.

More to come soon!

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