Some Kind a Day.

Brett – 6th Grade Graduation

Shawn and Amanda

In the limo…heading to dinner and then to Prom!


Sarah and Matt…all for show…I totally had to pin the boutonniere on!

It was a great day. Brett’s graduation in the morning. Lots of errands. Relatives arriving. Thankfully, my two cousins (in their early 20’s) arrived just in time to help Sarah with hair and make-up. They had a blast doing that.

Shawn was his usual laid-back self about everything. The look on Amanda’s face when she came up the stairs and saw Shawn…it brought such joy to me. She was so excited. So looking for his approval. He gave her his big-old-grin of approval. It was such a sweet time.

Dashing back to our house to wait for Matt to arrive. I was saddened to see that his parents didn’t come to take pics and I recall that they didn’t at Homecoming either. I’m hoping they met them over at the house where they were all meeting up. If not, I’ll send them some pictures. He was so shy and tentative. When he arrived, The Older Boyfriend was actually at our house. In another this-guy’s-a-keeper move, Trey let her come out to greet her prom date alone, and he (Trey) slipped out the side and away very quietly. He came straight to our house from school (two hours away) to see Sarah and drop off the cheesecake he made her last night. From scratch. In the dorm kitchen. I could tell Sarah would have rather stayed home and hung out with all of us. And Trey. But she was smiling and gracious and I know they will have a great time tonight.

The family hung out at our house. I had made lasagna and a Texas Sheet Cake. We laughed and caught up and drank Chianti and totally had a blast.

Life is good and I am thankful to my God!

4 thoughts on “Some Kind a Day.

  1. First of all, WOW! Brett: Cutie. He’s moving on, but you are a pro at it by now!Shawn: SOOOOOOO handsome in his tux! Awwww…they look so sweet! I love how you described how they looked at eachother! Sarah: Lock the Goose up! What a beauty! Glad they were going as just friends. Hope she had fun, but knowing she has <>her<> prom next year…it will be MUCH different! (Her date was cute…not as cute as new older boyfriend…which leads me to…Trey: How was the cheesecake? He is class act girl. Wow. Well, I am sure you will be getting to know him better this weekend too! Sooz, I am SO happy you are in a good place. I can totally tell! I loved reading this update and seeing the pictures! Have an incredible few days with your family! Live it up every moment!Love you-T

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