Y’all…I just needed a bloggy break.

UPDATED****Seriously. I DO run spell check and I do read and re-read and I did do all of these things and saved, but Blgger apparently didn’t. I hope it’s okay now!

It is all Trey, all the time here.

Trey is The Older Boyfriend.

Okay, older than my sweet little baby girl.

By Two Years.

Somehow, when she was a freshman in high school and her “boyfriend” was a junior, two years didn’t bother me. But now that she is a rising Senior (oh. my. goodness. First time I’ve said that about her) and is 17 and The Older Boyfriend is 19 and just finished his freshman year IN COLLEGE…two years is, well, HUGE. Insurmountably huge in my mind. It doesn’t matter that every single person I have spoken to about this guy says the same things: kind, compassionate, funny, amazing guy, wish-my-daughter-dated-him, trustworthy…yadda yadda. He is interested in my baby girl…have I mentioned she is my ONLY girl?…and that automatically knocks him down at least a peg or two. But even Shawn and his buddies got together, discussed it and unanimously gave him two thumbs up to date Sarah.

He Is Too Good To Be True.


They are not officially in a relationship. Yet.

Because he wants to talk to us about it first.

Have you ever in your life?!

He is anxious to meet our extended family at Shawn’s graduation party (wait…Shawn’s graduating? Graduation-shmaduation. That’s minor compared to The Older Boyfriend goings-on!)

He is baking for her. A cheesecake. And he swears she will swoon when she eats it because he makes the best cheesecake. As in…has made many before and likes to bake.

What the????

He’s going to teach her to play guitar. She’s going to teach him to serve a volleyball overhand. And hit. And dig. Cuz she’s A Beast.

He loves that about her.

You SO know that I am going to be taking and posting pictures of him. He sent her a pic on her cell phone tonight because he pretty much shaved his head. Because he swims. As in…scholarship kind of swimming and majoring in mechanical engineering.

She pronounced his nearly hairless head…adorable.

Whenever they talk…they do 20 questions so they can learn more about each other.

They’ve had “the talk”…about…you know…things-of-a-more-intimate-nature.

Oh. My. Word.

Neither has. Neither plans to. Both want to remain pure.

Yes, Virginia…there IS a Santa Clause.

I mean…it’s every mother’s dream.

Which can only mean one thing…

It’s doomed.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy it while I can!

4 thoughts on “Y’all…I just needed a bloggy break.

  1. My heart is fluttering!!! Ahhh young love! And who knows, we do serve an awesome, amazing God…it might not be too good to be true. It might be His plan.Sincerely,Hopeless Romantic

  2. Oh snap! If only I could have met Trey! She is smitten for sure! Talking to the ‘rents, baking cheesecake, excited to meet the extended family…sounds truly unbelievable! (Maybe you should have your people “check” on him…kidding…)Miss you my friend! Enjoy all of the prom happenings! I can’t wait to see pictures!Love you.

  3. Oh yeah, one more thing…didn’t you meet Russell when you were in high school???? I’m just sayin’! 😉<3And the purity thing….<>thank you Jesus!!<>Kay, I’m done now! For real.

  4. You crack me up! This sounds just like the train of thought I would have about a “perfect” boyfriend that is NOT because he is OLDER. Hahahaha. Seriously, you do approve, right?

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